Thursday, April 21, 2016

Apologia Educational Ministries Review

Apologia: Writers in Residence Review

Price: $89.00 Full Set
Age: 4th through 8th grade

Apologia: Writers in Residence Review

About: Learning to write well has been a struggle at my house so I was excited to try this new writing program, Writers in Residence from Apologia Educational Ministries. Apologia Educational Ministries is a company I have used before and I am never disappointed with their faith based curriculum. The Writers in Residence is an all in one writing curriculum that includes grammar, punctuation, and capitalization. The student text book is also the workbook. This saves having multiple books to keep track of. Also included is the answer guide that has directions and guidance. The lesson guide has your lessons planned out in a four day work week for thirty-two weeks. The pages are nice with a bigger font and colorful. There is a spot in the front that tells you how to use the book. There is also a Christian Writers spotlight that gives some information about those writers. An introduction to the writing process is also included. Its a flow chart type of process which was easy to follow and to the point. 

The unit starts with and introduction explaining what the unit will be about and what kind of things you will learn. Then next is the rubric for your writing to show the child what all they need to make sure to do in their paper. Then you have the module 1 that gives the assignment and gives sections to help you get the information needed for your writing topic. Like the first topic is when you were young. You will then find a memory chart which allows the child to fill in the spots with their information and memories.  More helpful information and a place to write your draft. This unit you are learning some parts of speech like verbs. Then write your story and the final checklist. Then you continue on to other things under the same topic for Unit one. Unit one will take about 15 weeks to complete. We were able to only complete the first few weeks for the review. 

I used this with my 5th grader. She is really good at self teaching. This book made it great for that as it is all there in one book and it gave her everything in step by step processes. She is my child that has about zero imagination and it has been very hard for her to write stories since she is not good at thinking things up. I was glad that this really broke it all down for giving her each leading topics to help her come up with each piece of her story. It helped her brainstorm ideas and have them wrote down and then allowed her to be able to put them together. The checklist is great for her to be able to check back and make sure she input each thing that was needed.  Overall we love this and I can't wait to get through the unit to see how well she can do in the next. It will be so much easier when she learns to do this on her own after we complete the book. Being able to write is such a helpful gift that will help in so many other subjects through life. 

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Apologia: Writers in Residence Review

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Pixie Cup

We all know the new best thing for a woman's period is a menstrual cup. You don't risk TSS like with tampons and you don't sit in a soiled pad. These are easy to use. They are easy to clean. You can wear up to 12 hours so shouldn't have to change while you are out and about.

I like this one as you can pick a smaller size which fits me much better than the suggested sizes on other brands. I don't typically have a heavy cycle so the size 1 was a great option. I think the smaller size feels more comfortable too. Other brands say if you have kids you need to choose the bigger one, those one I can always feel it's there.

Pixie Cup on Amazon

I recieved this at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Friday, April 15, 2016

You know you're a mom when

How true does this ring for your home? Maybe it is because I have 5 kids that I understand this oh so well. Say it's lunch time. You start cooking up something to eat. 

Oh ya get the kid out of the toilet. Send him to play with his sibblings. 

Go back to cooking... oh now they are fighting. 

Ok everyone mis come sit to eat. You dish out everyone a plate. 

Now there is a spilled drink you must clean up. 

Get it clean and go to sit down.  Wait! She wants second.  He needs his cut up. Oh and she needs ketchup, you know because forbid there ever be a meal without ketchup. 

Sit down again and yip, you smell it too huh? The baby pooped. There is no one going to be eating while smelling that. Go change her.

Back to the table again. My food is cold and everyone else is done and all that is left is a table full of dirty dishes. 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Field Trip Thursday

Typically we do field trips on Fridays but the crazy back and forth weather has us yearning for some sunlight. So today we took our journey to HaHa Tonka State Park. We have been many times before but we try to explore a new area each time we go. Today we walked along the lower path and to the mouth of the spring.

The water is just breath taking. The green and blue water just invites you in. To bad the water is still to cold and you are also not allowed in the spring. Once the weather gets warmer you can swim below the spring in the lake as well as fish.

If you are ever in Camdenton, Missouri you should stop by and see the beauty it has to offer.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Trigger Memory Co. Review

The Trigger Memory Co REVIEW
Vendor: The Trigger Memory Co.
Product: Times Tales
Price: $19.95
Age: 5 years old and up
The Trigger Memory Co REVIEW

About: The Trigger Memory Co. Gave me the wonderful chance to review Times Tales. Times Tales works for kids from about 5 and up that are working on their times tables. This is a digital download of the game to your computer. It is a mnemonic-based program to help your child memorize the multiplication facts. They use cute storylines to help trigger memory. This teaches the following facts: 3x6,3x7,3x8,3x9,4x6,4x7,4x8,4x9,6x6,6x7,6x8,6x9,7x7,7x8,7x9,8x8,8x9, and 9x9. It is real simple to download and start using it with in twenty-four hours. You also get access to printables that you can download on PDF files. These contain things like games, flashcards, and crossword puzzles. Also, this can be used with multiple kids!! No extra cost and they can use all the same things. This is real helpful for those that have more than one child working at the same time. Or even to keep on your computer to use for the younger kids when they get to that point.
The Trigger Memory Co REVIEW

Like I mentioned before the program is a story line and the numbers are characters. Like number 4 is a chair. The story is they play musical chairs with the 6th grade. I think this helps kids that are more visual or even those that get bored easily with the monotony of just looking at a bunch of number. Also I have a daughter that is dyslexic so it kind of helps then see the numbers the correct way. You watch a part which introduces you to your number aka character and watch its story. During the time watching the stories the child will be quizzed. It's good to rewatch part that they may not have done so well on. You can also use the things that come on the PDF files for extra practice.

We used this with both my girls. One breezed through it as she is pretty good at knowing her facts but she needed some practice on speed. My other daughter was slower and she is also dyslexic so we have had to watch stories several times for her to get some of them. However since it's stories she hasn't complained like she would had I just been making her do worksheets. She wasn't fond of doing the extra work but my older daughter enjoyed the crossword puzzles.

I think this is a good program for anyone anyone that needs some practice on their facts. Or just wants to add a fun way of working on them into the mix. These are the higher multiplication facts so if your child is just starting to learn then it might be a little harder for him. It would be better to get them going before moving to this. Otherwise it is an amazing program and we really love working on it.

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Times Tales by the The Trigger Memory Co REVIEW

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Memoria Press Review

Memoria Press Literature Guides Review
Vendor: Memoria Press
Product: Third Grade Literature Guide
Price: $95.00
Age: Third Grade

Memoria Press Literature Guides Review
Memoria Press provides classical Christian education for all ages. They are a family ran business and provide families and private schools with Christian curricumum. Memoria Press was founded in 1994 by Cheryl Lowe, who also homeschooled her son's. I was blessed to get the chance to review their Third Grade Literature Guide. You can buy the guides alone, which is what I recieved for review, or you can buy the guides and the books that go with the guides as a set for a little bit more. The books that go with the guides are: Charlotte's Web, Farmer Boy, Paddington Bear, and Mr. Popper's Penguins.

The guides are ment to get your child thinking and engaged into reading. They focus on vocabulary, spelling, comprehension, and composition skills. Each book comes with a teacher guide as well as a student work book. Each book comes with the student guide as well as a teacher guide. We decided to start with Charlotte's Web since we already had the book and didn't have to track one down. The student guide is broken down by chapters, so we decided to read one chapter a day and then do the guide that went along with that chapter. We read the first chapter and then opened up our study guide. Each lesson is broken into sections:
reading notes- gives definitions of words that may not be real common.
vocabulary- this is the place that gives the vocabulary words for the chapter. It leaves space for the child to write the definitions.
comprehension questions- this is where they write the answers to questions asked about the chapter.
quotations and discussion questions- this is more of an open ended discussion. We actually did these orally vs writing all we wanted to say.
enrichment- is kind of a language lesson. Each enrichment is different but the idea is they copy a paragraph and find the key things about it and things that make it a paragraph.

Overall we loved the program. It is great to find an easily put together reading program. Sometimes I think kids just fly through books without paying attention to what they are reading. I find having guides like this keeps them in task and keeps them thinking about the points in the book. When you don't pay attention to the story you will never learn to love reading. One of Memoria Press's goals is to get kids to appreciate well written books. I really think this is a great way to get that.

Also, each book title comes with its own guide to go with it. All of the guides are set up the same way that Charlotte's Web was. Just over the new story book. I think with all the books this would be a good full year literature study but still allowing time to read other books for free reading or study reading.

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Memoria Press Literature Guides Review

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Logic of English Review

Logic of English Review
Vendor: Logic of English
Product: Essentials 2nd Edition
Price: $ 198
Age: 7 and up
Logic of English Review
About : Logic of English is a great English curricumum. They are a company that promotes an easier way to learn reading, writing, and spelling. With their multi sensory approach they use 31 spelling rules and 74 basic phonograms. With the Essentinels program it also allows to use up to three years with this one product. The teachers book is easily followed with their one lesson per week plans. The kit comes with the following:
-Essentials Teacher's Guide, Volume 1
- Essentials Student Workbook, Volume 1 (student consumable)
- Spelling Journal (student consumable)
- Morpheme Cards, Set 1
- Basic Phonogram Flash Cards
- Spelling Rule Flash Cards
- Grammar Flash Cards
- Advanced Phonogram Flash Cards
- Phonogram Game Cards: Bookface
- Phonogram Game Cards: Manuscript or Cursive
- Phonogram Game Tiles
- Spelling Analysis Card
- Phonogram and Spelling Rule Quick Reference
Give your self at least a couple days to look over everything and be able to read in the teacher guide some. There is a lot of stuff so it can seem overwhelming if you don't just break it down to one thing at a time. Once you have gotten your hands on every thing you will see the teacher guide helps walk you through it all. The introduction alone is 40 pages long.

There are 3 levels to this program, each level is a years worth of instruction. You take the placement test to see which level to start your child at; A, B, or C. You can also use each level to be able to teach multiple children at the same time that are at different stages. Next you have about 10 prelessons that wI'll get your child ready for the first level. The lessons are a scheduled to be a week long with 15 lessons total for Vol. 1. Each lesson is broken down daily into 5 days.

Day 1: Essential Concepts. Phonograms, Exploring Sounds, Spelling Rules
Day 2: Building Words. Spelling Journal, Spelling Analysis
Day 3: Words in Context. Spelling Game, Grammar, Dictation
Day 4: Words in Action. Vocabulary, Dictation, Composition. Optional: Essentials Reader
Day 5: Check Your Understanding. Formative assessment

The teachers book has each lesson and completely written out for you. I read from the book to prepare for the lesson to my daughter. We then spend about an hour working on the lesson. My daugher is dyslexic though and we still have not fully grasped reading and spelling well so it takes us longer than if I was using it with my other kids. Each lesson as the coordinating pages in the student book to go along with it. Each week then has different spelling words and goes over the spelling rules. The flashcards help in this area too for the visual kids. My daughter thought the best part of the lessons were the games. Some fun ways to keep the learning going. You also have the option to use the Essential Readers. These are for kids 8 and up struggling with reading. Since my daughter has this issue we were happy to use these too. They give extra practice for them. 

Overall we really are enjoying this program. I have had perks in other programs but this one seems to have an easier way for my dyslexic child to understand rules when it comes to reading and spelling. It's not about memorization like other programs, it gives the kids the why and then they can understand better. She is doing really well and emerging. I think this product would be great for those that have some struggling with their English lessons or those that get overwhelmed with all the rules that there are in other programs. 

Also check out what my other crew mates had to say about the program and the Foundations program for younger kids. 

Logic of English Review