Saturday, March 11, 2017

Child with SPD

As I am sitting here on the couch working on my blog I notice my son is different.  I mean I KNOW he is since he has SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder).  However he has always just been Micah to me.  I really don't notice the weird things that he does until someone points them out to me as he has always done them.  

So back to sitting here he is playing with my hair.  I start thinking back to when he was just a newborn, he has always had a hair fetish.  I have always been a co-sleeper with all my kids, and Kiya has the curly blond locks!  Micah used to scoot himself around of a night till he could get a handful of hair.  We would wake up and his fingers were always caught into her hair.  Funny thing is if he didn't have hair he wouldn't sleep.  When I started cosmetology school I would take my doll head and lay it next to him during a nap or so I could get out of bed.  It kept him content and asleep.

The obsession didn't stop there though.  As I sit here and notice him playing with my hair and seeing he uses my hair as his lovey.  None of my kids ever got stuck on any type of lovey except him!  He picked my hair of all things.
Sorry for the mess up in the middle of it, not sure why that happened.

This is how he does me all of the time.  He needs to have my hair at some part of his day to just do as he wishes.  Sometimes it is pulling it and he gets upset because I take my hair away.  I still need to learn more about SPD so that I can fully understand my strange little man.

Do your kids have any strange habits?

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Get to the Garden!

It is time!
It is time!
It is time to get to planting.  The kids and I went and got some seed to plant in the house until we get the garden tilled up.  Some things we will buy that are already grown though.  

So we picked out:


We all love to garden. It gives us something to do together as a family as well as feeling like we done something great when we pick food WE grew.  Not to mention it is cheaper to feed us during garden time!

I was working hard sitting on that ground in the sun!

Any time she can stick her hands in dirt and not get in trouble this girl is there!

All of them planted!

Now we wait for them to grow!

Do you grow a garden?

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Clutter Control #1

Cut the Clutter

Make a decision.  As you attack each space, you are going to go through ever item and assign it to one of these piles:

* Toss
* Donate
* Sell
* Pass On

Make your choice fast, only handle the item one time, set limits (ex. only one box of keep), and recognize garbage.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Jepson Art Museum

Today we went on a grand homeschool adventure. I was a little bit worried about taking three kids, seven and under, to an art museum. However, I want to thank the Jepson Center for the wonderful place they have in Savannah, GA. There was a whole floor for the kids to do hands on learning and play as well as a whole room of old school games and computers. I will admit I got stuck at the Atari and the original Nintendo stations. Playing Mario Brothers took me back to the day that I would climb by my brother and play for hours on end. Then it made me feel old that I was infect seining something in a MUSEUM that I played with as a kid.
The magnetic wall was a hit.  They were to put things on the wall to make their "own" sculpture.
I personaly loved this part.  They had peices of paper to make your own design on for the shirt.
This was our addition to the shirt.

If you are ever in Savannah, GA I highly recommend this place for the whole family. Even those that are not into art! There is something for everyone to enjoy. Thank you Jepson Center for giving us a great day!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

50 States Notebooking

So next week we are starting our Social Studies Unit on the 50 states.  The kids are excited as we got to travel to several new states over the summer.  They really enjoyed counting how many states we would drive through in one day during our travels.  It was a lot of driving but it helped keep in interesting.  I try to let the kids lead the direction in the subject we teach and they seem to want to go this direction.  So during my searching (since I penny pinch and get the bulk of my teaching as free material) online I found this great site.  This has great notebbooking pages as well as projects that is geared towards kids of all ages.  Check this site out 50 States Notebook for some great resources.  I think you will find everything you need.  We will be starting with a full US map and then start going into individual states starting with the one we currently live in. 

Images were found at which also offers free resources.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Triple Bunks

Has anyone ever made triple bunks for their home? 

How did you do yours?

Did you wing it or have plans or even a premed set?