Friday, June 7, 2019

Hey, Mama! Homeschool Planner for 2019/20 Year

Vendor: The Old Schoolhouse®

Product: Hey, Mama! Homeschool Planner for 2019/20 Year

About: I just love  The Old Schoolhouse® so I was super excited to get the chance to review their new planner, Hey, Mama! Print Homeschool Planner. I mean who doesn't need need a good planner to keep them organized these days? Our very own Gena Suarez is the author of this planner. Hey, Mama! They got you covered if you order quick. We have already sold out of 98% of our print run. Hey Mama Planner is 188 pages long. It is 9"x11" and spiral bound as well. Gena also adds in some wonderful devotional into the planner. They are very encouraging. 

Hey Mama Planner has weekly planning pages, monthly goals, semester goals, yearly goals, attendance chart, curriculum planning, reading log, transcript planning and more. The attendance chart is the greatest for here in GA to help track our days completed. I am also in love with the face that there is room for 5 kids. Most large families end up having to buy several planners just to fit all their kids in. 

There is plenty of room in all of the sections to be able to write out things in. This is always a problem for me in other planners. I have room for all of my kids lessons as well as being able to have all the record keeping we need to do in one place. The calendar offers plenty of room to write appointments as well as room to write other activities in as well.
Since our new homeschool year has not started yet we have focused on some of the other parts of the planner. Hey Mama! Don't let that make you think I don't have a list of things I am planning on putting down in it. I really like the calendar the best I think. I've never had a planner than had a calendar big enough for me to write in. I usually always print one for each month to write our appointments, homeschool park days and activities in. Now I can have it in the same place as my planner so I don't have to go back and forth with my planner and my binder when planning to see what days are busy. I also am in love with the Hey Mama Planner's devotions and inspiring scripture. I am a Christian and though I strive everyday I know I still fail too. I need and love to see those to uplift me and to remind me there is a brighter day and I am forgiven. The weekly agenda I will use to put what I will be working on weekly with the kids. Since I don't personally have a lot of planning for myself I will use it for their school work lesson planning. Then the space to put the book lists will help us keep track of what we have read for the year.

My kids are not old enough to need to start a transcript but this will come in handy for those that have high schoolers. Also this will make me want to continue to use this planner so when the time comes I can be familiar with it and use it to make my transcripts for the kids. I really think this planner "has it all". It has more writing space than most planners, which I write big so is helpful for me.

I am also a full time college student. I can see this being helpful to me as a mom and student to keep me organized if I had wanted to use it for more me than just my kids studies. It seems like it would be pretty versatile. Hey Mama go check it out!

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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Pathway to Liberty Homeschool Curriculum Review

Vendor: Pathway to Liberty Homeschool Curriculum
Product: Pathway to Liberty's US History Level 1
Age: Level one is for K5- 3rd grade

We recently started using Pathway to Liberty's US History, part of Pathway to Liberty's History Curriculum, from Pathway to Liberty Homeschool Curriculum. We started out with the physical copy of Level 1. This is a Christian based curriculum. There are several different levels to this set but they all are at the same stage of learning. Like you can have multiple age kids working on this together learning the same thing. The early levels will just be easier work load. The student guide is 371 pages long. This also comes with a teachers guide, which is 299 pages long.  This curriculum uses immersion based learning. This helps really dig into the topics you are learning about. It also offers book suggestions to help further get into the subject you are learning. 

Each lesson is scheduled out to be taught 4 a week. So we did Monday through Thursday. Each of the daily lessons took 30 minutes or so. Sometimes more but my kids tend to have more special needs in learning than others. Each week starts with a weekly overview. This helps you see what’s going to be gone over for the week, also shows for the older children as well. There is also a scripture for each week to go along with it. The projects in the book has the directions for them in the teachers guide. This is also only a 26 week study. With the last two weeks being Review. So it won’t get you through all of the year but close. 

We did find this to be a bit advanced for our kindergarten child. We aren’t to the point of being able to read or write so there was a lot of oral dictation which I than wrote in the answers for him. There was coloring pages that he did enjoy though. This is more fit for a third grader for sure. But it is workable, just have to make adjustments to suite your child. Which we are used to with most curriculum. I also figure that since it’s a little more rigorous we can extend the work load out to fill up the full year if need be. I over all believe this is a really good in depth history class. I think the older grade would be just as good. Adding in the additional books helps really get a feel for the stories taught at hand and gives a little break from the pen and paper work. I think of you are wanting to have some good really informative history in your school, than this is where you want to look for it. 

Be sure to check out what my other crew members said about it and some of the other levels. They also offer a digital version which allows you access to all of the levels for all of your children. Also check out their social media pages. This helps you stay updated on new things as well as sometimes discounts. 

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Friday, March 29, 2019

Memoria Press Review

Memoria Press

Vendor: Memoria Press
Product: Classical Phonics with the First Start Reading Program
Age: Kindergarten

I was very excited to get to try out Memoria Press with their First Start Reading Program. This program has five workbooks, teachers guide, and a reader. This is made for the kindergarten age range to work on reading as well as writing. This program is a complete phonics course that focuses on sounds, blending, and long-vowel patterns. The teacher book has lots of helpful tips. There is ways to help train your ears to hear the sounds. It also has everything planned out for you. This is a open and go kind of curriculum. That is always nice for those that don't have the time to piece together things. I really like that it shows a mini picture of the page the child is on. I always hated having to move their book around trying to find the spot and all.  So this way I have my own to look at. There is also more posters and teaching aids in the back as well. The workbooks are consumable one student workbooks. Book A starts with pictures then the matching letter to work on writing.  Since this curriculum works on correct formation and grip you don't need a writing curriculum to go with it. As you go through the books they start getting harder. You go from letters to writing words then eventually short sentences. With 26 lessons in each book, then a word review at the end, this curriculum can be used for a full years worth of lessons.

We worked on the lessons daily. we would go over the sounds and then work on coloring the pictures that start with the sound we are learning. Next we would try to guess a new word that started with that sound and draw it. we only made it a little more than a 4th of a way through book A. My son is ADHD and autistic so we had to go a bit slower.  But he has enjoyed it and wanted to work on it everyday. This is something we will continue on doing through the rest of the curriculum. I think all of homeschool moms will enjoy this ready to go curriculum. I hope that if you try it you will love it as much as we did, and still do.

Be sure to check out Memoria Press on their social media links below.  Also below that click to read review from my fellow crew members that also reviewed this curriculum.  Also some of them reviewed other topics and curriculum from Memoria Press as well.  Be sure to show them some love and learn something from them as well.

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Friday, March 8, 2019

Homeschool Complete Review

I always love trying out new curriculum.  Homeschool Complete gave me the chance to review their Kindergarten Complete curriculum. It was a pdf download of the set. It is everything included for a full year of teaching the Kindergarten level. It includes Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Fine Arts, Physical Development, Fitness, Character Development, and Bible. There is. Teacher Guide and all lessons are planned out step by step. The Student PDF has all the pro tables together and then an appendix that hold lots of extras.

We used this daily with my new kindergarten kiddo. Each lesson gives you a list of the skills you will learn as well as the materials needed in order to complete the lesson. These are usually simple things around the house. Even things like  yummy M&M’s. Then each subject is broke down and the task for that subject. This is great for the busy mom that needs everything laid out for her. There is minimal prep work. Just making sure your pages are printed out and gathering the materials needed for the lesson. The appendix helps give extras. Like the pledges that you can teach to say each day before you start your school day. There is also calendar time each day. This helps kids start learning their months, days of the week and so on.  Math tries to used manipulatives that you can have around the house, like building blocks and food.  In Language Arts you read a story to your child and then they start learning a letter, like a starting letter to a word in the book. There is always some kind of fun to go along with it. One lesson had us to draw a family portrait. My kindergarten child is Autistic so his family only included himself. :)  The lessons have a suggestion of maybe a couple hours to complete. We only did a little at once then had a good break and then came back to do a little more. That helps keep us more focused and not getting burnt out to quickly. This curriculum did a great job of giving fun hands on activities though to make it play learning too.

In Autism land we are hit and miss on being able to take pictures of things.  Since he is also in therapy and has to take homework to his OT he doesn't like me snapping pictures of him.  I will try to add some done work later when he allows me to without a fight. But these are some examples of the work that comes a long with it.  You get to make activities as well as doing fun ways of counting with stickers.

The Math and Language Arts lessons have activities and such that combine in the Science and Social Studies with it. Each week there is a Bible lesson that ties in with the theme you are learning in the lesson. Art, PE, and music rotate through the week, so you aren’t doing each one each day. This is good because to much structured learning for a child can make them get burnt out fast. Some kids don’t like to have their attention held that long either.

You can purchase additional manipulatives to go along with the curriculum. They have some flash cards as well as some hands on manipulatives. We did not get these though. We just used basic things we had around the house. Other than that and needing some books from the library this is a complete curriculum just like if states. It is so easy to adjust to your child’s learning preferences too. Making learning fun and not just sit down and book work things. I think this would work great for little ones preparing to go into kindergarten and parents what to give them a jump start. This is also great for a complete curriculum for homeschoolers like myself. Having it all laid out and ready for you is a blessing for this mom of many. The less prep work I have to do for a kiddo the easier time we have through the day.


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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Singapore Math Inc. Review

Singapore Math Inc. was an exciting review to be able to get. I received level 3A of Dimensions Math PK-5. The curriculum is for PK-5th grade. Included in this curriculum their are three books; a teachers guide, textbook, and a workbook.  Also included is access to some online resources; videos of songs, lesson material lists, and blackline masters. Each level is divided into A and B. So I only received half of the books that it would take to complete a full year of this curriculum. Since you may know most curricula have different standards for each levels. So Singapore Math Inc. makes it easy for you to pick the level that would suit your child best by offering placement tests. Some kids may need to start with a level B which would be the second semester of the grade.  This is better than having to do a whole grade level when you are starting a new curriculum and may already know some of the stuff at the start of the curriculum.  It also helps to make sure your child gets into a level they need by doing the placement test first. 

The teachers guide starts out with notes that introduce the topic being taught in the lesson. There is also key points to help with teaching as well as some activities.  The guide also offers the answers to all the problems in both the textbook and workbook. The textbook uses short lessons that focus on using pictures instead of text to teach the lesson.  Then the workbook offers practice for the new topic learned.

Each day I would go over the teacher guide and introduce the lesson for the day.  We would start in the text book going over the problems with the colorful pictures.  The visual learning like this is so much easier for my dyslexic child. It is much easier to see it from pictures versus black and white text.  We would move on to the workbook once we felt like he had it.  The workbook was good to practice the learning but it wasn't as fun since it wasn't colorful like the textbook.  However it was a good addition to get more practice in on what we have learned. I really liked the teacher guide.  I like to have them give something more than just answers. I like how this explained the problems so it gave another way for me to explain it to my kiddo so maybe he would understand it better. Sometimes I don't always know the best way to state things so that helps.  Overall I think this is a great curriculum. Lessons can be short and sweet when your kid gets the lesson well.  You can also take more practice out using the workbook for things that aren't clicking so quickly.  

Be sure to check them out on social media as well as checking out what my other crew members had to say about the curriculum as well.  Many of them reviewed different levels from the one I reviewed.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

IXL Learning Review

Vendor: IXL Learning
Product: IXL Full Annual Membership
Price: $159 for one child for the core subjects
Age: Pre-K through 12th

About: IXL Learning is an online comprehensive K-12 learning. IXL full annual membership is $159 for one child.  This includes the core subjects of; Math, Language, Science, and Social Studies. When you get access you get access to all the grade levels as well as subjects.  This is really great for those that have kids that may be in different levels for each subject that are in.  I used this for my 5 year old.  He is just getting into school and learning.  He is also ADHD and Autistic.  This means he doesn't hold his attention well for many things. The best part is you can download this as an app on your iPhone/iPad or your Android for them to play. I also have a touch screen computer so it was very easy for him to navigate the lessons himself. 

So we used this about every other day for 15-30 minutes, depending on how well we could get him interested.  It is easy for a kiddo to navigate the work but does need help getting into each topic. For a little kid like him it reads out the questions and answers so they know which one they want to pick. I think it is much easier on a mobile device or touch screen for him. So glad they had the option of an app. Plus makes a great busy time while in the car. I looked over the older levels too and they are all self explanatory.  I just found these are to practice skills already known, there is no teaching of the skill.  You get "rewards" for doing well as you progress through each topic. I think this is great for public school or homeschool kids to get some extra practice in areas they are working on in their everyday lessons.  It is also a good starting program for the pre-k age kids to be able to learn letters, shapes and etc. The platform is colorful and inviting and the lessons are quick so you don't get burnt out easily.

Below is a video of him doing shapes. Excuse any background noise :) but this can give you an idea how one of the lessons work. Each lesson after builds up to being harder or more information so they keep progressing. I like how it reads him the question then he can push each answer to see what it says before he submits the one he thinks is correct. The lessons keep him interested and then he likes when they give him an award. He likes to keep track off how well he has done on each thing. The wards fill a box up with several and he wants to get the entire thing filled with his awards.  This helps keep him motivated to continue going.

Be sure to check them out on social media...


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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Cleaning Time

Got a big family and having a hard time keeping up? When you have lots of kids at home, like me, then it can get overwhelming to keep up on the house work. By the days end it will look like a few tornadoes have went through your house. It is really hard for me to sit down and try to do stationary work when I know the house is horrible and needs to be picked up.  So I made picking up a game with the kids.  Some 5 minute pick ups!

Each day pick some times when your house gets a bit messier.  Like ours is right after breakfast, during school when the little are left to destroy, after lunch, and before dinner. During these times if I will set a 5 minute timer and we all clean it helps keep up on things.

The little kids can help too.  When it is just 5 minutes no one gets overwhelmed with a long boring time of cleaning. It also helps keep the end of the day from having lots to do. Assign kids to certain areas and when your times come set the timer and they go clean up as quickly as they can. You can play music or contests on who can get the most done. Pair your littles with your bigs so they can help teach them how to get better at it.