Thursday, August 24, 2017

Talking Rock Caverns Branson MO Trip

Where: Talking Rocks Cavern
              423 Fairy Cave Ln
              Branson West, MO 65737
Hours: Monday-Sunday 9:00am-6:00pm

About: Talking Rocks Cavern was named Fairy Cave by a cave developer by the name of Truman Powell. However in 1969 Silver Dollar City bought the cave and renamed it Talking Rocks Cavern. The cave is a vertical cave and is constructed with concrete walkways and railings. The cave sits at a comfortable 62 degrees year round. The tour consists of lots of stairs and about an hour long exploration. Each group has a tour guide that tells you about the history and the development of the cave. There is also miniature golf, walking trials, gem mining, and some speleo boxes. 

Our Fun: we arrived to Talking Rocks Cavern and checked into the desk. Each tour leaves every 30 minutes and so we had time to have a quick lunch at the picnic tables. No food or drinks are allowed inside the cave, with the exception of bottled water. They give you a brief about the cave and how there are lots of steps and some tight spaces. So if you are claustrophobic you may want to second going in. Then the tour begins. It is a downward hike to start but there is lots of stops with the tour guide to talk to you about the cave. This helps if you need a rest going down or even back up. 

Our tour guide was amazing and he added some fun humor to keep everyone on their toes. We took all 9 kids with us ranging in ages from 16 to 1 and everyone enjoyed it. 

The beautiful cathedral that you actually get to walk through as well. 

The tour was amazing and some amazing views. At the end they turned off all the lights and they had different spot lights pointing to different views which was magical. At the end of the tour,while still in the cave, they do take a photo of your group that you can purchase for $10. I of course got one because it isn't often you can get a whole family picture with 11 people and everyone looking forward. 

Once we finished up inside we came out and let the kids explore the speleo boxes. There is a smaller one inside the building and one outside. They are fun for all ages and most sizes. You just have to think about how to move and twist to get through some right spots. 

I think the kids went through these each several times. It was hot out but it didn't stop them from enjoying every minute of it. 

We then got to enjoy a fun game of miniature golf. It is a nice little set up and a fun way to wind down from all the excitement from our trip. 

This is also fun for all ages, even the young ones that carry the ball to the hole when they can't hit it there. I don't think anyone left without having a good time.

My family and I would have to give this place 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Be sure to set a day aside so you can enjoy all the perks that this place has to offer. Bring a picnic lunch to enjoy. Their are restrooms as well as a water station to get a drink if needed. If you want to walk the trails you may want to choose a day that isn't so hot. Just remember anytime of the year the cave is going to be great. If you love caves you need to make sure you get this one of your list of to explore ones. All the staff were very friendly and inviting. They welcomed my big family in with no issues and we had no issues our entire day. 

There is also a gift shop that has a large variety of things. They have toys for kids and amazing gems to so much more. 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Relationship Memes

Relationship goal memes are all the rage on Facebook these days. The response to them are generally mixed with love and hate. Some people in this world have been lucky enough to find the love of their life, who treats them like royalty. You also have some that have lived in the dungeons of hell and couldn't imagine anything more. As most of my readers know I am one of the latter. I had been abused for many years before I was able to get away. Things still are not easy and those fears always loom in the back of your mind. The above meme is one I always see and I always pray that I will experience. 

Though it is hard to learn you will see that only you can love yourselves that much. I am never going to find anyone that will heal me. No one will ever be so magical that my world instantly goes perfect. I am damaged from my past so I have to heal myself. Well it is going to take a lot of Jesus too. I do hope that my partner in life will be by my side cheering me on with my battle. That is all I could ask for. 

So if you need your broken pieces to stick back together, you need to pull out some self hugs. Love yourself and know that you are good enough and worthy of the world. When you do you will be able to strive and choose a better mate and you will also not settle for less than the best because you know how to make yourself happy. 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Talking Rocks Cavern Branson Missouri

FAMILY FUN at Talking Rocks Cavern! Explore the world underground in "Missouri's Most Beautiful Cave" where fun, knowledgeable guides take you along lighted paths to view amazing crystal formations. Budget friendly Rock/Gift Shop, gemstone mining, and Cave Country Mini-Golf. Enjoy the nature trails, lookout tower, picnic areas and indoor and outdoor SpeleoBox cave crawls, which are free to our guests.

$2.00 OFF EACH CAVE ADMISSION - Save $2.00 off each regular price admission. Not vaild with other offers. Valid for up to 10 people! 


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Get to the Garden!

It is time!
It is time!
It is time to get to planting.  The kids and I went and got some seed to plant in the house until we get the garden tilled up.  Some things we will buy that are already grown though.  

So we picked out:


We all love to garden. It gives us something to do together as a family as well as feeling like we done something great when we pick food WE grew.  Not to mention it is cheaper to feed us during garden time!

I was working hard sitting on that ground in the sun!

Any time she can stick her hands in dirt and not get in trouble this girl is there!

All of them planted!

Now we wait for them to grow!

Do you grow a garden?

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

ACTIVA Products Review

ACTÍVA Products
Vendor: ACTIVA Products
Rigid Wrap and CelluClay Quik Sculpting Kit

ACTIVA Products' Favorite Sculpture Kids Craft Ebook
Price: $11.90
Age: School age but parental help maybe more oress depending on age

Rigid Wrap and CelluClay Quik-Sculpting Kit
About: ACTIVA Products gave the wonderful chance to review their Rigid Wrap and CelluClay Quik Sculpt Starter Kit.  This is a paper mache kit that comes with the rigid wrap cloth and the CelluClay. Also included is 12 ideas on products to make with your kit. You can always choose your own if uyou wish as well. This however helps those less artistic parents or those that are not good with ideas for things off their heads. The CelluClay is 8oz and the Wrap comes with 2 which are 4" rolls. I think this would be a fun family art time. Younger kids can use this with more parental help and older kids can do this all on their own.

The Rigid Wrap is super easy to use and not messy. It is like cheese cloth like material that is already been dipped in plaster so all you have to do is cut it in strips and soak in some warm water and apply into the form that you want it for whatever product you are making. Now the CelluClay is a powder substance that you have to mix water in and make to the desired consistency that you want. This is more of a messy option but you have a bigger range of things you can make with it. The ebook has Loran's of additional ideas on things to make. Like a beat cake which would be fun to try, except in not that artistic haha. The ebook is definitely homeschool friendly as it does give each steps so it can be taught easily or learned easily for the kids.

We made a volcano. My kids can't resist making something we can make into an explosive. We used the Rigid Wrap which was easier for us to form the volcano.  We did use some of the CelluClay at a real thin consistency to go over it to make sure that it was all covered well and thick and sturdy so when we did make a volcano it would last for a few tries. I think you could have made some just out of the CelluClay but we made a prettt big one. We ended up going over it with some basic paints to liven it up some.

 photo IMG_0045_zpsqxyokpty.jpg I think this would be fun for all. From those not good with art or those that love it and just want to try something new out. I am sure you won't be disappointed. And be sure to check out the ebook as well because it has some pretty neat stuff in it as well.

You can connect with ACTÍVA Products via the following social media outlets. Don't forget to click on the banner below to read more reviews.
Rigid Wrap and CelluClay Quik-Sculpting Kit {ACTÍVA Products Reviews}

Thursday, June 1, 2017

YWAM Publishing Review

YWAM Publishing

Vendor: YWAM Publishing
Product: Heroes of History - Benjamin Franklin
Study Guide
Price: $7.50
Age Range: 10 and above

YWAM Publishing

About: YWAM Publishing offered us several choices from their Heroes of History series of books and we chose to review Heroes of History - Benjamin Franklin. YWAM Publishing is a wonderful Christian company that makes lots of amazing activities and books for homeschoolers.

This book is paperback and 108 pages in length. The book is only $7.50 currently. YWAM Publishing also has a Study Guide that goes along with the book, if you wish to further explore the study. This guide is over 80 pages of wonderful topics to dive into. The study guide has some of the following sections:

Key Quotes
Social studies
Display options
Books and Resources
Community Link
Student exploration
As well as 6 related questions to each chapter.

Each section dives further into learning from having essay practice, art, drama, geography, and etc.

The book I read out loud to my 10 year old. She is dyslexic and has issues processing what the book is saying if she tries to read it alone. The book goes over the life of Benjamin Franklin starting from when he was a boy. Full packed with lots of amazing facts this book continues on through the death of Mr. Franklin. Though this is a study book and one packed full of all those facts, it is written in a story format. This helps engage children in the story versus just trying to just them full of a list of fact about Benjamin Franklin.

I think this was a fun and wonderful book. I really think this book and study guide would be great for someone that is going to be doing a report on Benjamin Franklin. There is so much good information in the book and there is some great starter topics in the study guide. Would work well for a homeschool student or a public school child that needed to study more on him.

Social Media Links: 
Christian & History Heroes {YWAM Publishing Reviews}

Friday, May 26, 2017

Pizza Hut Book It!

I was not homeschooled myself so I remember being in public school and having the joy of reading to get pizza!  We did not eat out a lot as a family because it was not very affordable either.  I also hated reading so it was great to finally have an incentive to actually do it.  Well after some thinking about it and looking it up I finally seen that Pizza Hut also supports homeschoolers!!  How cool is that?!  So if you have children in K-6 grade then you need to head over to and sign your kids up for this wonderful program.  My packet should be here anyday and let me tell you my kids are so excited!  Kids love pizza and it is a free treat to give them for doing some school work!  Check it out and get into the program!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Binder love!

So I finally got a binder put together for us this year. I first started out with a list of our main books, even though we use many random workbooks as well. Then I put in our schedual followed by the lesson plans. Next, I put a picture of each kid with their attendance behind it. This will also be where I will put assesments and sample work. I figured that way I won't be tempted to have a huge binder of all work. I do keep most work but in seperate subject labled binders. 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Friday, May 12, 2017

Are you getting ready for a trip/vacation?

 Normally I am an OCD over packer, I always fear the worst so pack extra.  With so many people (and a furry friend) I know I can not do that.  I do not want to be squished up in my own space on a 14 hour one way journey.  I am also on a budget so I am having to take a cooler and food to save from going out to eat.  So I decided to share some of the things I have found to help me out.

Pack for children day-by-day. Use large zipper food storage bags to pack a complete outfit for a single day. At the end of the day replace the dirty clothes back in the bag. Also you can roll these and squish all of the air out so they are air tight and thinner.

Make check lists. Here is a good one that I found here. This will help from over packing as well as keeping a running toll of what you already have or need to get. Or other options:

Delegate a place for everything. When packing up the car make sure you put things where you need them.  By starting to think about where everything will go you will also learn where you will have space or no space.  Things like a cooler, you need it handy to grab snacks and drinks.  Then you have the kids activities, they need to be in their reach.

Keep lists in a binder and keep them close.  Make sure to check them as you complete them.  If you are staying in hotels print of confirmations and put those in there too.  Also have directions and maps in the binder as well.  I always like to have a hard copy even though I have a GPS, you never know when it may be wrong or it stops working.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Let's get crafty!

First fun craft is a stained glass window.

Take a 50/50 combo of water and glue.
Paint your window with the mix.
Take torn up peices of tissue paper and sick to the window.
When window is covered paint over the tissue paper covered window with your 50/50 mix.

Now you have a pretty stained glass window.  To removed just spray with water and let soak in then scrap all the paper off.  Then clean windows with vinager or windex as you would normaly.

Second fun craft is a fish bowl!

Draw a fish bowl and color it in blue.
Cut out and paste fish into the bowl, or draw them in.
Decorate your fish bowl as you like.
When done paint the water part of your picture with corn syrup.  Let dry for a bit then cover with plastic wrap to cover the sticky. 

Now you have a real looking fish bowl!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Fix that mustache!

I know we as women do not want people to know we have a mustache. You can wax it or even try to Nair it, both can be painful. To bleach the hair on your upper lip, mix 1/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide ( 6 percent) with 1 teaspoon of ammonia. Dip a cotton ball into the solution, and dab it onto the hair. Let it sit for 30 minutes, then rinse off with cool water.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Morning Calm

So mornings there in the mountains makes for some great views. Though I was unable to get the picture I wanted this is still pretty. When I am go down the road in my home town, I come to a clearning the looks out over the river in front of the mountains. One mountain is pretty high so the fog covers all but the tip sticks out. It is a breath taking view to see and absourb all that mother nature has given us. These mountains are what makes this home for me, no other place can compare.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Home School Adventure Co. Review

Home School Adventure Company

Home School Adventure Co. Is a wonderful vendor to review for. This time I was able to review their digital copy of I'd Rather Be Your Mommy. This also came with I'd Rather Be Your Mommy Coloring Book Edition. You can also get the I'd Rather Be Your Mommy Print Set.

I'd Rather be Your Mommy Book
I'd Rather Be Your Mommy was written by Stacy Farrell. In full color this book is about a mother's love for her child. It helps the child understand no matter what we will always be their mommy first. 

As a busy mom myself this was a great little book for both my toddler and I. Just having reentered the workforce for the first time since becoming a mother, we have had to change a lot of things. My toddler were very sad to see me go everyday and would worry if I was coming home. They would cry when I would leave which broke my heart. This book help explain better than I could, that no matter what I do I will always love them and being their mom will always be first to me. We compared how my life is to those in the book, like an actor. We talked about how I show my love for them by cooking, cleaning and spending time with them. 

I'd rather be Your Mommy Coloring book

The coloring book was nice to have to print out ans let my 3 year old color while I was reading the book to him. It kept him still so that we could get through the book and talk about it. They are cute little pages that he can color his heart put on. 
I'd Rather be Your Mommy Print set

The print set is nice if you wanted to print the book out to have instead of reading it from your computer. The pictures are very bright and fun. They could also be used to make reminders to hang up in the kids room to show your love for them. 

I think this book would be great for moms and littles that maybe having a hard time going back to work or even adding a child and one feeling left out. It's a good reminder that we love our children no matter what goes on in life. We are their mommy first and for most and will be there no matter what. It was so much fun seeing the love when he understood what it was all about. He really loved the coloring pages and being able to see the wonderful colored book pages. 

Be sure to check out the social media links as well as what my fellow crew mates had to say about this book and other books by Home School Adventure Co. 

Social Media Links:

Twitter: @HomeSchoolAdven
Resources with a Biblical Worldview{Home School Adventure Co. Reviews}

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Child with SPD

As I am sitting here on the couch working on my blog I notice my son is different.  I mean I KNOW he is since he has SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder).  However he has always just been Micah to me.  I really don't notice the weird things that he does until someone points them out to me as he has always done them.  

So back to sitting here he is playing with my hair.  I start thinking back to when he was just a newborn, he has always had a hair fetish.  I have always been a co-sleeper with all my kids, and Kiya has the curly blond locks!  Micah used to scoot himself around of a night till he could get a handful of hair.  We would wake up and his fingers were always caught into her hair.  Funny thing is if he didn't have hair he wouldn't sleep.  When I started cosmetology school I would take my doll head and lay it next to him during a nap or so I could get out of bed.  It kept him content and asleep.

The obsession didn't stop there though.  As I sit here and notice him playing with my hair and seeing he uses my hair as his lovey.  None of my kids ever got stuck on any type of lovey except him!  He picked my hair of all things.
Sorry for the mess up in the middle of it, not sure why that happened.

This is how he does me all of the time.  He needs to have my hair at some part of his day to just do as he wishes.  Sometimes it is pulling it and he gets upset because I take my hair away.  I still need to learn more about SPD so that I can fully understand my strange little man.

Do your kids have any strange habits?

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Eclectic Foundations Review

Language Arts {Eclectic Foundations }

Vendor: Eclectic Foundations
Product: Eclectic Foundations Language Arts Level A
Price: $12.00 - $30.00
Age: Kindergarten or those struggling with gaining the concept of the letters and sounds.

Language Arts {Eclectic Foundations }

Eclectic Foundations Language Arts Level A by EclecticFoundations is a Language Arts curriculum to each letters and sounds. The program is meant to be doing one lesson a day, with lots of reviewing of the word cards. Each letter has four days wOrth of studying. Each of these repeat each week with each new letter. You have a day of letter introduction, this usually includes making the letter with things such as play dough or coloring the letter. Then you have practiceon lower and uppercase of that letter. You have sound practice of the letter to help build on reading. I would like to note that the copyright allows for copying the pages if needed for your child to practice them overy and again until they have gotten it. The first two days rely on building letters from things like the dough or even sticks. The last two days are for writting them. All the lessons also include a mother goose rhyme that they search for the letter they are working on within the rhyme.  There is 266 pages in that student book.  You also have the teacher book which has 151 pages of guidance and help with the lessons each day. This set also includes your word cards which helps with practice time. 

How we used: I used this with my son. He has adhd and his attention on any program is very minimal. We enjoyed that he only had four days a week on work and each lesson only took about 30 minutes. Though through out the day I would randomly ask him things like what sound does m make? This helped with the practice without it being sit down work. He really enjoyed building the letters. I think that was his favorite part and actually helped him remember how to write them. He is a typical boy in how many hate writing so even the writing lessons were minimal and just enough practice to get the letter down. The rhymes were fun and he enjoyed listening to them and hunting for his letters. The matching game on the letters were a bit difficult at first. They use different fonts for each letter but I think it gave a nice challange. We tend to forget many books use different fonts and even most people write some things differently than others. It is good to teach them how to read the other styles as well. He really picked up the letters much easier. We are still having to work more on sounds and reading our word cards but I believe we will make it there soon. I think when we get to practicing those sections we are going to have to stretch our time out longer as we move further into the harder parts. I do belive this is a great curriculum for any one looking for some shot easy lessons to help their kid out. I also think this would work with those wanting to teach their younger kids earlier. The lesson are so short and to the point it really is easy to work with. Having the teacher book as well has everything and every lesson laid out for you. We use our smile and sad face game a lot on trying to hear the correct sounds in words. 

Don't forget to check out what my fellow crew members had to say about the program as well as the higher levels for older children. I think you will enjoy them and want to try put Eclectic Foundations. 

Also visit them on Facebook

Language Arts {Eclectic Foundations Reviews}