Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Good day!

We were able to fly through our assignments today in homeschool. I learned that stickers are the key to teaching my 5 year old to read.  I got some tiny stars and when she would actually sound a word out I would stick one on her.  She liked that, so instead of guessing she actually worked towards reading the words.  She however is a cheater when it comes to writing words.  she will right the first letter of each word then go to the next and so on.  I think that voids the purpose of writing out the words to help learn them.  I say one problem at a time though with her. 

Now on the other hand my 7 year old flies through her work then trys to go further.  That is fine and I normaly let her.  However, when she gets on work that is teaching a new thing she get mad because I can not stop working with Kiya to explain it to her.  She is to smart for her own good.  She is by far easier to work with then Kiya. 

Now Micah, my three year old, sits outside the classroom watching us and throwing things at us to get our attention.  You ask why I do not give him something to do? Because he does not want to do anything besides throw things at us and scream.

Oh the life of homeschooling!

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