Friday, May 19, 2017

Binder love!

So I finally got a binder put together for us this year. I first started out with a list of our main books, even though we use many random workbooks as well. Then I put in our schedual followed by the lesson plans. Next, I put a picture of each kid with their attendance behind it. This will also be where I will put assesments and sample work. I figured that way I won't be tempted to have a huge binder of all work. I do keep most work but in seperate subject labled binders. 


  1. I use the same cover for my planner- love it!

  2. That is awesome...If you have the link to it let me know so I can credit it. I printed this cover last year and from a different computer and have no clue where I got it.

  3. This is a great idea. I need to do something like this, now that I have two homeschoolers. Plus, we are approaching "mandatory age" for my older one, and while our state (NJ) is very lax, I still need something organized in case we are ever questioned. I may steal some of your ideas!