Saturday, January 5, 2013

Looking back...

Man 2012 was full of ups and downs for me. I finally got my divorce final after 2 years of being seperated. I learned to live on my own (had gotten married straight out of highschool). Moved around a lot, which sucked some but being in Georgia was great. I am now in Missouri and hating the winter lol.
Last year threw so many things at my feet that I never thought I would over come. Well I have made it to a new year, even though some of those things tugged along with me by my ankles.  I must say I am stronger and hoping to teach my kids that skill too. They have had to learn to adapt to many new things that has been hard on them as well.
As a single mother I had to make many cuts to our budget. We don't have TV or internet. We use my phone for internet when we need it. We don't go out to the movies or other places that require admission fees. We also eat all of our meals at home unless we have a pretty darn good coupon. We all know it could be worse.
This year I would like us all to work on compassion. I have a hard time not getting angry when others complain about not getting something for lack of money when said item isn't even a have to have. I have made my life work on $12000 a year with three kids and no state assistance.  I know that maybe I have a stronger will to not over spend on somethings than others. I know bot judging them is something I really need to work on. God made us all different and we are to be accepting of that.
What things did you learn from last year? What do you hope to learn this year?

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