Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I though the holidays were busy

So my new college course starts July 8th.  I am excited for it but it will be an intense class that is geared right to my degree (business).  The class will end September 13th and then the second class will begin October 7th and end December 13th which will end up being barely a week before I will deliver the baby via c-section.  This will conclude my semester and I plan on taking the next class off to be with the baby.  My only fears are I for the most part free school and find the things I need when we come to what we want to learn at the time.  However with a new baby I need to actually figure out some plans so the kids can have some structure when I am down and unable to make them.  I can already smell my printer getting hot now!  I will say I am very lucky that my 8 year old is very advanced and will be able to help "teach" the others and explain their lessons to them.

I am also wondering if I should actually try to invest in some type of full curricula if that would be easier on us.  My oldest is very good with reading and following directions so as long as nothing is to bone dry she would fit with all curricula.  However my 7 year old still can not read and needs something that is very attention getting in order to get her in the mood to want to work.  I will also have a new kindy that will need to learn the basics of letters, numbers, and colors so that will not be to big of an issue.  Any suggestions of curricula would be awesome though!

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  1. I agree that an all-in-one curriculum would be a bit simpler, but I encourage you not to become a slave to it. If it isn't working or it becomes too intense, relax and do what does work for you! Congratulations on your school work (I finished my masters degree two weeks before going on bedrest for a high risk pregnancy with my youngest). There are so many great curricula out there. Here is one I am considering, based on the Principle Approach (not 100% sure what that is, so I am still researching): http://www.face.net/?page=noah_plan. Good luck and God bless you!