Monday, July 22, 2013

It is that time curricula

So it is that time of year again for me to start looking over what we will need for the starting of a new grade.  The hardest part is we have not found any subjects that we just LOVE the curriculum besides in science.  So it is getting something and doing trial and error each time.  So far this year we have decided on the following....

Science (combined teaching)
Apologia Zoology

Math Mammoth (Kailea)
Touch Math/A+ Tutor Mix (Kiya)

Classical Conversions (Kailea)
Handwriting Without Tears (Kiya)

Other than that I am at loss.  I really want a good language curriculum for them that is not to expensive.  I have been thinking of trying LifePac.  We have used it for Social Studies before and while it is a bit dry they did well with it.  I think I may do Social Studies again this way.  As for Science I think we will just use the different experiment books and such that we have and make our own little curriculum out of it.

Then we have Micah, who will be a fresh little Kindergartner. Most all of his curriculum will be work books that are the all in ones as well as various free resources off line. There will be lots of hands on learning for him.

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