Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fine motor skill practice

So I was thinking about my childhood and I remembered taking a loop of yarn and making things out of it with my fingers.  I am completely unaware of what the name for it is though haha.  So after much practice I remembered a few and was showing my 8 year old how to do them.  She ended up searching more on YouTube and teaching her 5 year old brother them too.  I was really surprised that he caught onto it but he did.  

Kailea took some video's of herself doing them.

This one is the Kitty Whiskers and Jacobs Ladder

I thought it was great practice for fine motor skills for the kiddo's plus it teaches creativity.  They were coming up with their own things as well.  With my 5 year old having ADHD it is really hard to keep him entertained into something very long but this kept his attention great!

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