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UberSmart Math Facts Review

UberSmart Math Facts Review

Price: $24.95

Age: K-6

About- UberSmart Math Facts is a Windows based download to teach addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. It uses memorization using timed test in order to teach your child the facts. It is the same principal as old fashioned flash cards, dots, and key entry. The addition and subtraction facts go up to the 9's and the multiplication and division facts go to the 20's.

The UberSmart Software only works on Windows 7,8, XP or Vista.  The download includes a lifetime licence for you to use as long as you wish.

How we used: I used this with 2 of my kids regularly and got my younger child to use this sporadically.  He is just now starting school so I didn't want to push much on him. My 2 older ones were able to log on themselves and start working.  This was nice because if I needed a minute with one I could let the other just take off on the program to occupy them for awhile with something productive.

I loved the dots option because I have a dyslexic daughter and having the visual is what she needs to learn.  We always have problems with numbers and never have used a program that used dots to that was nice. She put up much less fight to do the work than she normally does. The dots were also good for my new kindergartner that does not know his numbers yet but can count. It made it so he was able to still use the program and learn while we practiced numbers during a different time.  He will be able to go right in with the flash card part once we learn his numbers and already know how to use the program

In the program you first learn the facts then you move on to practice the facts then you are able to test on what you have learned. There is then a tab to compete with others to see how well you are doing. The last section is maintain, which is pretty much your settings of the program.

UberSmart Software I think is good for both homeschool and public school children that need some practice with their math facts.

Thoughts- Overall I think this is a great program.  We are not one to do time tests but even so this program worked out well for us.  The kids, even timed, could work at their pace and it just records their pace and they keep working at it until they get better.  The options of using dots versus the numbers is my favorite part, it gives a bigger range of the type of student that can use it. The only part that I did not care for was the compete part.  I do not believe learning should be a competition in any form. I also think it is not good practice when you have multiple children using the program, you do not want them to feel one is smarter then the other.

We will continue using the program with all of my kids and let them work on gaining a better grasp on the math facts.  After all these are the facts that lead them in the rest of their math work later on in life. It is always a blessing to find a program your children do not fight you about doing.

UberSmart Math Facts Review
UberSmart Math Facts ReviewUberSmart Math Facts Review

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