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Great Commission Films Review

IndoctriNation DVD Review

Product: IndoctriNation DVD
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I received the Great Commission Films DVD IndoctriNation. This movie is 102 minutes long and its initial release was in 2011. There are 19 different segments for the movie and you can navigate to each one. The movie has a parental advisory at the beginning and it is serious. This movie is really not for little ears to hear at all. 

The movie starts out by talking about public schools and how they are now. How there is less Christ in them than before. That they teach things for health class like if it should be legal for two men to get married. You have to remember some of these things are older as the film was first put out in 2011. The children in the class were very young and in my opinion way to young to be thinking about the sexual lifestyle of two men. Colin Gunn is the main character of this film, he is a homeschooling father himself. He is traveling across the country to learn about public schools from how they are ran to how they started and evolved. During this travel he meets many  people and interviews them for their opinions on the system.

Did you know the initial public school set up in the 1800 was to mass teach people to do factory work? Crazy huh? There are also 14 other countries that rank higher in reading than we do. It seems like we always say how great America is to have free education and such. Is it really worth it though? Are our kids still getting what they need out of it? The film really gives some thought provoking topics that make you open your eyes to see what some of the things that are being taught in schools. It is even showed that there is a drop of the Christian faith by the time a teen graduates. This is the said reality of what America has made our schools. 

I think this is a great film and helps back my reasons to homeschool my children. Though I think this is great for all Christians to watch I think that the strong opinions and topics might make some Christians feel horrible that they can not homeschool their children. It is sad we live in a day that it sometimes takes 2 parents to work in order to just survive. Though I think maybe it would even give a glimpse into things they could pray with their children on each day. It would also provide lessons for them to teach the kids so they know what the Christian thoughts are in it. Heck it may even boost some more parents to get more involved with the schools to help bring some better standards back. 

I remember being in school when the rule changed that the teachers could no longer lead us in prayer at the pole of a morning. That was horrible, but the students took lead and continued it.  Then the teachers were not even allowed to attend. They just keep taking everything away. You get a good teacher in the school and they try to strip all that good out. Think to yourself, would you rather a devil worshiper teach your child or a Christian? I think the majority of us would choose a Christian just because of the morals they have. Despite the love of God they are tender and loving and caring. You don't get that feeling from someone who clearly states they are not a Christian. 

Anyways I really think any of those thinking they are not doing the best thing for their child by homeschooling them, watch this movie now! You will not regret your choice afterwards and it may make you want to be sure to instill some more morals into your children earlier so they are not influenced by the outside world.

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IndoctriNation DVD Review

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