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Apologia Educational Ministries Review

Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal Review

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About: Apologia Educational Ministries has created the Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal. This journal is a way to document your field trips and adventures that you take with your family. The book has 64 pages. It contains the following sections:
 Preparing for a Field Trip- These two pages give you information on what do do in order to plan your trip. It gives things to remember, what to pack, have your objective for the trip, and many more things.
  •  Field Trip Ideas- This gives over 100 different ideas for field trips. They are organized in categories; plants, animals, earth, space, human body, history, municipal, business, culture, and others.
  •  Places I've Explored Maps- These pages give you a section to put where you explored and the date. It is more of a listing type section with just when and where.
  • How to Use the "Specific Trip" Pages- This page tells you some tips on what you want to write in your trip pages. 
  • Field Trip Pages- These are the pages where you record your trips. There is a section to draw a map, emergency contact plan, what you want to see or do, a photo or drawing, story of your day, and something you never want to forget.
  •  How to Use "My Special Spot" Pages- This page gives details about how to use the special spot pages. This is about picking a wild area anywhere. Then you want to go back about 4 times through the year in order to see how it changes. 
  •  My Special Spot Pages- These pages you will document the changes of your spot through each season.
  •  As I See it Pages- These are just blank pages that you can document anything you wish how ever you wish.

Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal Review

How we used: We are field trip junkies in this house. We seem to lose our printout sheets I had found that I tried to use to document our trips. I loved the fact that this was in a spiral bound book and just all ready for us to input our information. Not only can we preplan some things in them we can preplan trips so I can just take the book along to get the information I need about where it is. I also loved being able to have the listing section of short trips or places we visit often and really didn't have stuff to write about. It helped keep it documented for hour tracking for my state as well.

Another great thing is everything is self explanatory and labeled so that my kids could go in and write things themselves. This also allows us to remember these trips. We can remember places we have went and how we enjoyed them. This helps when things are good for certain ages and you want to take other kids when they reach the age. Or if some places were not good for certain ages so you can skip it. They will store well and little room will be taken up so once you fill one up you can move to the next one.

This is great for me to keep things planned while I have younger kids but also great for older kids to be able to keep their own notes on their trips. It can be sort of a scrapbook for them in order to remember the things as they see them. We will be continuing to use this book and I am sure we will be purchasing new ones as we use them up.

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Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal Review

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