Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fish Flix Review Review no 2


Price: $9.97 Review no 2

About: When Calls the Heart, Heart of the Family is a movie that you can get through, is an online Christian video store. They provide an array of family friendly DVD's and Blue-Ray movies to choose from. When Calls the Heart, Heart of the Family is from the When Calls the Heart series. This is the the third DVD from the second season. The series is based on the When Calls the Heart books that are written by Janette Oke. The series is also played on the Hallmark channel. 

The movie is 88 minutes long. The DVD also includes the behind the scenes as well as some interviews with the cast.  The director is Neill Fearnley. Picture and sound quality is excellent. 

How we used: Being a family friendly DVD we sat down as a family to watch this. Each night we usually watch a TV show or a movie together as a family to wind down from the day. It helps us do something together, which is nice after busy days. We had not heard of this series before, we do not have the Hallmark Channel, but we were still able to get into the movie and enjoy it. The show is based around a woman named Elizabeth moving to the area. She is the school teacher but takes on the task of helping one of the men in the community by watching his children for a couple days. This is when Jack comes in to help out. The story then continues on about their romance and how it continues from there. There are some twists and turns that keep you interested in it. It was enjoyable to see even out of sequence of the other shows. 

We really enjoyed the movie. Though it was about romance it still was kid friendly and nothing that you wouldn't want your child to see or hear.  This was a nice change for once. It is hard to find movies or a show anymore. You get them thinking they will be kid friendly then there are parts that just kind of make your jaw drop. Watching it also made me want to watch the rest of the series to get all caught up on it. The price was really good and comparable to other movie store prices. I think anyone needed a place to trust in buying good family friendly movies then this is the place for them.  
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