Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Progeny Press Review

Vendor: Progeny Press

Price: $17.99
Age: Upper Elementary-Grades 4-6

Literature Study Guides from a Christian Perspective {Progeny Press  Review}

About: Progeny Press presented me with the wonderful opportunity to review Mr. Poppers Penguins E-Guide. Progeny Press is a wonderful company that I been able to review for before. They make wonderful literature study guides from a Christian Perspective. Mr. Poppers Penguins E-Guide is for children in Upper Elementary, about 4th through 6th grade. I got the book from the library to go with this for my daughter to read.

The book is a 1939 Newbery Honor book, crazy to think how old it is and yet it is still a wonderful classic. It is about a house painter, Mr. Popper, who is a dreamer of a man. He doesn’t have much and just makes it by with what they do have. He has always fancied Antarctica and wished he had traveled before he had settled down. The book goes on to tell about how he ends up with some penguins and the fun they have.

Then you get into the E-Guide, which allows you to print off or use in Adobe Acrobat Reader where you can type in the answers straight to your computer. The study guide comes in at 60 pages long. These are divided up into six sections. Each of these sections covers four chapters. In those sections the guide contains vocabulary questions, reading comprehension questions, Dig Deeper, optional activities, and the answer key.

In the vocabulary section some of the activities were using the words in sentences, matching words, finding the definitions.

Reading comprehension questions were short answer type of questions about something in the story. Then there were think about the story questions that were more thought type questions that needed longer answers.

Dig Deeper section used Bible passages to see why characters did things they did. The questions would help them compare the book characters actions to those in the Bible.

The optional activities have several different hands on things you can do to extend the learning. From things like more writing topics to map making, and even just more discussion topics.

How we used: We worked on this a little each day. Kailea is in 5th grade going into 6th. I had her reading and once she read four chapters I would stop her and then she would do a section in the e-guide. Since she loves to read she would usually read her chapters in one day. Then I would have her to do at least a page a day on the study guide until she finished the section and moved onto her next four chapters of the book. She worked most of the guide alone until we got to the Dig Deeper questions. I wanted to do those with her so we could talk and make sure she was getting the understanding of the Bible versus right. Like when it went over pride. Pride is something we  go over a lot here because it can be both bad and good. Sometimes it is hard for kids to understand between the two. As the parent I fall short in doing a good job at finding the perfect Bible verses sometimes to go with studies and Progeny Press never fails. They really are the best and such a great light into our hearts and home.

Mr. Poppers Penguins E-Guide is for Upper Elementary, but Progeny Press also has guides for Lower Elementary, High School, and Middle School so be sure to to read the other reviews to learn the differences between these levels. I think any Christian home that enjoys reading and extending it to a little learning and some Christian values will love these E-Guides. 

Literature Study Guides from a Christian Perspective {Progeny Press  Review}

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  1. i thought you did a good review. would have been great to see pictures of the actual study itself. :)