Thursday, March 22, 2018

Zirrly Review

Vendor: Zirrly
Product: Super Beads - Mega Pack
Price: $18.98
Agee: 10 and over or help with parents or older siblings. 
About: I was so very excited to get to try out Super Beads from Zirrly. Our family got to try the Mega Pack so we could use our own imagination on what to make. The kit comes with all you need to make your creations. The kit includes the following; spray bottle, puzzle trays, plastic alignment tool, pattern cards, instructions, and the beads. The beads are nontoxic so you don’t have to worry when someone steals one and tries to lick it. The beads are designed to stick together when sprayed with water. This allows the development of your creatures, even in 3D. 

We had a blast trying to think of what to make. My kids went on the search of the internet to find other things they could make other than what the practice cards had. These are awesome for some fine motor skills practice. You can also put these together and not spritz just for some practice on getting good at putting them together. My kids that played with these ranged from 4 to 13 and each one of them had a great time. You have to watch little ones that might want to spray to much water because they will just get to slick and not stick either. Then you end up with a big messy pile of slick beads. These also work for hand eye coordination. There is a lot of detail to watch and work on with these. And my kids ended up making several different 3-D creatures. They just kept stacking them on top of each other making one last layer on the outside so that the object grew in size.

Be sure to check out my other crewmembers dead. Some of them got kits to make specific creatures in 3-D some of them got the mega packs like I did as well. You never know what imagination might show up from another family that you guys may enjoy as well. There is so much fun and limitless ideas that you can make. My kids ended up giving them away is little gifts to their dad.

Super Beads {Zirrly Reviews}

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  1. You guys did a fantastic job reviewing and presenting our Super Beads. We’re super impressed. Thanks so much!!!