Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Toes in the Sand

Sometimes you just have to sit back and put your toes in the sand and let the world melt away! Sometimes it is best to drown in the sounds of the waves crashing on shore while the hot sun warms your soul. Sometimes you just have to enjoy the moment like it maybe your last. 

We all face hard times in our lives and we all have things that we do to cope with those times. I use the beach, even though I feel like I am a million miles away from it.  I remember as a kid moving away from the mountains and telling my parents daily I hated where we moved to.  I never felt like I was at home again after that move.  Then one day as an adult I moved close to the ocean.  I never in my life felt like I would ever think of a place feeling like home again.  However I found home again.  I moved away and moved back and finally away again. Sometimes life doesn't allow you to be "home". I will tell you when I get to go back I enjoy every minute of it as it could always be my last time.

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