Thursday, October 18, 2012

Copywork...What is your take?

Having a daughter, that I feel may be a bit dyslexic, that has a hard time with spelling and reading has made me look into other avenues.  After many months of trying every method of getting her to even be able to read her sight words I thought I would try copywork with her.  Classical Writing and Charlotte Mason both had similar stands on this.  So I researched both of their views and this is what I came up with.
Classical Writing approach:
"Copying, the earliest written form of imitation, has always been an important part of a classical education. Copywork is a very simple exercise where the student reproduces a well-written literary selection in his best handwriting with careful attention to correct spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. "

Charlotte Mason approach:
Copywork is a whole language approach to spelling and grammar. By seeing and copying the words, the child learns how to spell. Grammar is also learned in this indirect way.
Choose passages worthy of meditation that stimulate the mind of the student but are not beyond his comprehension. Discuss the passage and have the child copy it in his best handwriting. Passages can be hymns, Scriptures, poems, quotations, or excerpts from living books.
I also wanted to incorporate our bible learning as well with this.  So I made notebooks and each day I will write a simple verse for her to copy.  I will also have my older child do this as well but with more complex versus. This will help her with her puncuation and grammer as well as her spelling.  I think this is also a great way to teach penmenship too.
What are your views on copywork and do you use it?

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