Thursday, April 18, 2013

Math Rider Review

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Math Rider is a computer based math program that helps with math facts.  This was something I wanted to really work on the kids with as they both need some practice in the speed department.  They suggest using it three to four times per week.  We do math in our home every day so we added the drills into our morning warm ups.  It was a way to get our brains going with a fun game and some quick thinking.  It geared us up for our daily lesson.

 photo mathrider-product-box-v5-200x209_zpsf141caec.jpg The program is a downloaded and costs $47.00.  While the program is not geared to a certain age it is for those that are doing subtraction, addition, multiplication, or division.


It is a game so the kids are more excited to try it out.  
There is a story line with goals that you work at.
You are on a horse jumping over the problems as you get them correct.  The quicker you answer them correct the faster the horse runs.  If you miss one the horse slows down some again.

The accent was something my kids were not used to and had a hard time understanding it.  We are used to a southern drawl so it was a big change :).
Even on easy level I felt the horse was going to fast for my first grader and she got really frustrated with it.  There was also no room for error if you hit the wrong key.  My kids are not fluent on the computer so they had to look each time for the number they wanted and so they missed several just because of that.  I did help them some by letting them yell the answer and I would punch it in to help them. 

Overall I think this was a great program for kids that know how to use a computer.  I wouldn't try to use it as my main drill instruction if the kids were not fluent on the number pad as they may miss some and get frustrated.  Also I noticed that it took a long time to level up and progress in the game and that kind of took the fun out of the story line.

I loved that there was a statistics page that I could go back and look at and see where they may need a bit more practice on certain problems they may have been continually missing.

Also you can try it out for free for 7 days to see if you like it. Check it out here at Math Rider Trial

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