Saturday, September 5, 2015

Missouri Institute of Natural Science

The other day I took the kids to the Missouri Institute of Natural Science. I had never been and really knew nothing about it. It's a little museum type of place back outside of town in Springfield, MO.
We learned that on 9/11 a cave was found. This cave has been dated back to being an ice age cave. Since 2005 they have been slowly scraping the cave and finding little treasures, mostly shark teeth and sea fossils. Apparently at one time even Springfield, MO was under the ocean. This was something we had no clue of at all. They also have been able to use specialized equipment to see that there is mammoth bone under all the silt and they are hoping to eventually get to it as well. They think it either entered the cave and got lost trying to get out or was drug in to be ate by a dinosaur.
So amazing to think of all the possibilities on something that was found on a whim.

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