Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Simply Earth Peppermint Oil

Simply Earth Peppermint Oil is a great addition to your oil collection.
Smell is wonderful and very useful. I love to use peppermint oil for headaches. I mix a little with a carrier oil, like coconut oil, and then rub on temples. It takes the headache away quickly.
This oil also works great to help night time breathing congestion. Rub a little on the bottoms of feet before bed or a bit on the chest, don't forget the carrier oil!
Let us not forget that Simply Earth donates a portion of their sells to charity! How awesome is that for a company.

I really enjoyed trying the peppermint oil out and I found it to be comparable to other companies as well. 

Check them out at www.simplyearth.Com

I recieved my bottle in exchange for my honest unbiased review. 

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