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Here to Help Learning Review

Here to Help Learning Review

Vendor: Here to Help Learning

Product: Flight 1 Paragraph Writing

Price: $89.99

Age: Grades 1 through 3 and those that are learning paragraphs

Here to Help Learning Review
About: We are using the Flight 1 Paragraph Writing by Here to Help Learning. This product says it is rated for first grade to third grade. It also says that any grade that is learning to write paragraphs would benefit from this program. I received the physical version of this program but there is also an option to do the online version. Beth Mora developed Here to Help Learning. She has also homeschooled herself for 18 years. She developed the program to help teachers and parents teach writing skill in a more fun and easy way. 
The physical set includes the Teacher's Guide, one Student Notebook, and six DVD's. Each of the DVD's contain 5-6 lessons on them. If you have more than one child doing this you will need extra Student Notebook for them. The program is broken down into projects. There are six writing projects total.

              • Project #1 All By Myself (Narrative Writing)
              • Project #2 Heroes Today (Descriptive)
              • Project #3 Good Books Make Me Hungry (Expository)
              • Project #4 Poetry Walk in the Mountains (Poetry)
              • Project #5 Once Upon a Fable (Persuasive)
              • Project #6 My Own Book (Narrative Fiction)
How we used: I used this with my 11 year old. She is above what the suggested age is for the program but she has always had a horrible problem getting the idea of writing full and proper paragraphs. Most of the times are writings are just one big long page. I have tried different ways to get her to understand what a paragraph needs and she will try to write one and then ends up with many incomplete thoughts.  Starting with project #1 which is All By Myself, it is a narrative writing, was really nice since it was easier to come up with things to write. You start with day one watching the video about your project and then take the next couple days to work on the writing lessons and project. 
The lessons are fun and engaging. 
The videos are easy to navigate.  Each lesson is broken down into five parts. They are as follows: 
Pre-Flight checklist- Gathering what you need for the lesson
Flight Check-in- make sure all previous homework is done
Take Off- you play the sentence game and writing warm up.
Full Throttle- This is the working portion of doing the writing process. This is done together or if you are doing group work it is here too.
Fly Solo- wrapping up for lesson. You are doing this part alone.

Having everything all broken down really helps kids not get overwhelmed. I think this is great for kids that need help learning to write paragraphs. This will work with homeschool students, co-ops, or in a class room setting. It works for one or many.

Be sure to check out what my other crew members have to say about this program as well as others. They reviewed this program via the online version as well as the other programs that come after this one for older children and levels. 
Here to Help Learning Review

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