Tuesday, October 10, 2017

CTCMath Review

Vendor: CTCMath

Product: CTCMath's Family Membership

Age: K-12

About: I was thrilled to receive CTCMath's Family Membership with my kids, and homeschoolers can get 60% off + 6 bonus months.  You can also try out their free trial. CTCMath is an all online math curriculum that is for children from kindergarten through 12th grade, which is through Calculus.  We were using this for my 7th and 3rd grade students. Each lesson starts with a video, each video is fairly short but do get a bit longer for harder subjects and higher grade levels. After the video there is a quiz to test if you got it. Then there is a worksheet they do online. You get instant scoring so that they can see how well they did and if they need to work on that area more. From the parent portal I can assign whatever topics and grade level things to each child or they can just progress through on their own. I am also able to see their progress and scores. Each week I get an email that gives me a PDF of their weekly progress, which is good if you have a state that requires some information like that.

We really enjoyed this program. I liked the video lessons to start. I think it helped my kids understand better than just a written out explanation of the problems. I did find some areas were still confusing and the video lessons were a bit to short to fully explain so we did have to look up some further explanations on some areas. Overall it met our needs and I think with any program sometimes you will have to look at other ways to solve problems as well. I do suggest have a few hours to be able to navigate the parent portal to find everything and to figure out how to set everyone up and assign things. It took me a bit but I’m kind of slow at figuring all that stuff out. There is also the option to print some of the worksheets out so your child can do them by hand. Which is nice if the child needs some extra help in areas or prefers to work problems out that way.

Overall  I think this is a wonderful product. I think it is very helpful for homeschoolers to be able to have their child to work more independently.  I also think this would be a great curriculum for children that just need extra help in certain areas. You can log onto the parent portal and be able to assign specific areas so you could assign the problem areas to your child to be able to work on those. You can also go back and re-assigned areas that your child needs extra work on if they are doing this as a full curriculum as well. I do think that this would be a great full curriculum to start your child on and go all the way through high school with.

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