Sunday, December 4, 2016

How to treat bad behavior?

It seems as though every year after Christmas my kids go into war. 
They are naughty and fight with each other, mostly over each others new things.  They decide they no longer want to mind mom and do not want to respect anyone. 
After a horrible trip to the grocery store yesterday (took 2 hours in the store) I figured something had to change. 
I was trying bribing them with candy, threatening punishment when we got home, and anything else that came to mind.  They were running off from me and being loud. 
My 4 year old son has SPD and was already having an overload day which means tantrum city and lots of crying. 
Being a single mother you do not have everyone else to rely on to punish the kids from the store either.  Plus I live about 30 minutes from the grocery store so it is not like I can just walk out and leave my cart to punish them for bad behavior, that punishes me. 
So I came home and I sifted through Pinterest trying to find something that would fit our family.  I wanted a punishment warning system and also a chore chart, as Christmas left our house a mess.  So today we added these two things: Chore Chart and Behavior Chart.

I don't have a laminater so I used clear packing tape over the dots so that we could use dry erase markers and save printing.

This one I am going to work on if it works and make a better version.  I didn't have clothes pins so I used paper to make a pocket and then used mini popsicle sticks with their name.  I didn't know I didn't have clothes pins around until after I made it so the random papers are a bit silly but they will work for now to see if they system will fit us.

What types of things do you do in your home to promote good behavior and cleaning skills?  What age are your children and what is expected of them?


  1. I hope things get better, Maybe after the new wears off!! We personally work on this all the time. With kids growing and having more than 1 (we have 3)its always something that will need to be tweaked. We warn once about behavior then they are sent to sit on the bed or possibly a spanking depending on the action. This is rare since we enforce it all the time. They normally fix the issue with the verbal warning. Chores are hit and miss simply because if they are playing well or still doing school and don't need my help I will do the chores because I don't mind. We have a chore jar with all the possible chores in the jar. Every morning we draw from the jar and see what everyone needs to do that day. At first I had to make sure they knew how to clean everything by helping them with the first 3 days of cleaning that item but I don't have to do that anymore. If your just starting out you might should train them on the way you would be pleased with it. Grocery shopping is an enemy even with good kids! LOL...

  2. I took try to work on it all the time too, but as they age each thing wears off. I used to count to three and they did good and stopped before I got there.