Monday, March 11, 2013

Delight-Directed Teaching

What is Delight-Directed Teaching? 

 To me it is a gentle form of homeschooling that is child led. Instead of going to the book store and buying a curriculum you instead let your child tell you what they want to learn. It is almost like unschooling but instead of just letting your child do as they wish you have more parental support and direction.

For me this is the only way to get my kids to learn. We do not let our text books tell us what to work on or study (though I have one child that loves workbooks). My kids get interested in a subject and we try to find everything out about it. I do sneak in math in there too, like today we are learning about wales and how long they are. We compared them to our heights and how many of us it would take to make one of the whale. So they are learning what they want but still learning vital skills.

We try to add in unit studies for this as well.  When we are on a certain topic of interest we get all the books and work that we can that talks about it.  Since my kids do like worksheets we may do more book work than some other delight-directed teaching families.  Really it is all in what your kid likes and wants to do that makes it delightful!

Delight means

a high degree of gratification


extreme satisfaction

something that gives great pleasure

Do these phrases describe your children's opinion of homeschool?

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