Sunday, June 22, 2014

Kids in the Kitchen

Sometimes you just have to let loose of the ropes and let your kids fail at something in order for them to learn. 

Lastnight they sat with their cook book picking out what they wanted to make for breakfast this morning. I let them at the kitchen to their own. This is hard for me so I went out and mowed the lawn while they mixed it all up. I know otherwise I would micromanage everything they did. They finished up and we baked them and they were a clear flop.

I was very happy to see that first thing they did was sit down with the recipe and see what they did wrong. They forgot the butter!

It's times like these where we want to help make them perfect for them but in reality we need to step back and let them make the mistakes so they learn next time. I know now that they will double check before they finish mixing up something. 

Do you let your kids cook alone?

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