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Progeny Press Review

Progeny Press Review
Vendor: Progeny Press
Product: Frog and Toad Together
Age: Grades K-3
Price: $11.99 E-Guide
Progeny Press Review
Progeny Press gave me the chance to review some work with one of my all time favorite books, Frog and Toad Together by Arthur Lobel.  This was an e-study guide for the book. This company is also a husband and wife combo who thought that some of the old classic books should be used again and in a Christian way.  

This study guide consists of 34 pages and was written by a Leslie Clark. The first portion of it in basically the instructions on how to use the study guide with your child.  Next it has an overview about what the book is about.  Then there is a section that tells about the author of the book. Next you have the "before you read" section that asks things about your (the child doing the work) friend and what makes them a good friend.  It also shows what God's says about it too.  Then we go on having a section for each of the five chapters of the book.  Each sections has some questions over the chapter and a Bible versus to read that goes along with the topic of the chapter. There is also a project for each chapter, from planting seeds to cooking and crafts.  Following that you will have a diagram and a word search.  The added bonus of other reading books to look into and finally the answer key.

Since my kids are all elementary but range from kindergarten to fourth grade and are at various levels in learning I read the book to them.  We just moved to a new area that is very homeschool friendly and we are joining in activities and the kids are making new friends.  This book went along great with us starting new friendships and how we should pick them and act.  So  I read the entire book to them and then we went to the study guide.  Once again since we were all doing it together we did the questions out loud as a family type discussion.  This worked out well because I had the questions to ask and I have two that can't spell so they do not write much yet.  However I think we can later revisit this and I can have each one of them put their answers down when they are able to write better.  That is one perk of having the e-guide because you can use it and copy it for any of your children.  

We also really enjoyed the Bible versus and I thought it was great because it was helping us learn God's word without being strictly a Bible curriculum.  The kids get bored of constant scripture that they have a hard time understanding.  This made it easier because it was based with something that was at their age level and things they are facing in life currently.  I will be using more of Progeny Press in the future of other classic books for the kids.

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