Monday, November 4, 2013

My love of vinegar

If you know me at all you know I have a love on vinegar for everything.  If you ask me what to use for something chances are I will tell you try vinegar first. So here is just a few more tips on using the wonderful product known as vinegar.

If you wipe your fingernails down with vinegar before polishing you will have a longer lasting manicure. Vinegar takes off the oils and dirt from your nails.

A vinegar rinse of your hair once a week will help keep a shine in it. Vinegar is good at stripping the old soap and product reside that builds up on your hair and scalp. Just work vinegar into hair and scalp and rinse.

Keeping a spray bottle in the fridge with vinegar in the summer will keep you cooled. If you get a sunburn spray vinegar on your burn for an instant relief. This also works for burns from cooking or working in cars too.

Vinegar also kills fungus. If you have athletes feet you can spray it between your toes to help get rid of it. Also if you use public showers (like at the gym) you can use it to prevent getting it. After your shower spray your feet and rinse.

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