Sunday, September 7, 2014

House coming along?

The house work in coming to a stand still.  Between schooling and life that is happening right now, I have no time to work on the house.  Also I have been so bummed out by all the stuff that was stolen from my storage unit that is daily use stuff.  Even my towels and wash cloths were stolen.  Who the heck does that?

So not only am I starting over putting a house together from new flooring to new cabinets I am also starting over from simple things such as dishes and bathing accessories. 

Not to mention the havoc these last couple months have been I am also failing my Algebra class.  I just can not grasp the formulas and it is even harder to do with an infant.  I so should have waited another quarter to start back to school.  So there goes my GPA because there is no getting this grade up in the next couple weeks.

Dear Lord, Please slow down my life.



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