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My Student Logbook Review

My Student Logbook Review
My Student Logbook ReviewVendor: My Student Logbook

Product: My Student Logbook

Age: 2nd grade and up

Price: $15

About: My Student Logbook is a daily logbook for your child to keep track of their daily tasks.  The book is spiral bound with a clear plastic cover and a black plastic back to protect the pages. The first page of the book shows you how to set up and use the logbook. You can get the book in a dated chronological order, dated school year, or a blank book.  We got the blank book because we school year round with breaks at random times. Your child can also pick from several different covers your their book.  After the years worth of task pages you have extra pages which consist of the following:
    My Student Logbook Review
  • Colored paper divider 
  • All About Me page 
  • Prayers and Goals page 
  • Bible Verses Memorized page 
  • Books Read pages 
  • Events, Projects, Field Trips, Presentations, Activities pages
  • Test Records pages 
  • Year Highlights: My Favorite Memories from this Year page
How we used: I got this for my 9 year old to use.  She likes to work on her own more than having me dole out each task to her daily.  I thought this would be good so that I could have everything ready each day for her and she did it at her pace and could check off as she went.  I did have to help her set the book up.  She read the instruction page but was getting a bit confused on how it worked, I'll be honest it took me a minute too. I think that most younger children that use this would need some help setting up and showing them how to use it.  Once it was all set up though she was able to move the sheet that had her set of tasks to each week.  She kept up pretty well with her and it allowed me to see if she got everything done by the end of the week too.  It also gave me more time to work with the other kids too. We also live in Missouri and you must record your hours spent doing school.  There is a box so you can track the time for each thing which helped me when I went to input our log hours.

Overall Thoughts: This is a great book for any child, homeschool or not.  It helps them keep track of school work or even chores.  Being able to keep track of your books for the year are a plus as well.  Having it handy here you can make sure you know what you have read so you are not rereading things in the year. We will be continuing to use it.  There is also an option to buy a PDF file for $10 one time use or $20 for a family license.  I think next year this would be great as by then all my kids should be able to use one.  It would sure take some work off of me trying to keep track of everything.

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