Thursday, February 27, 2014 Review

Science4Us Review
Product: Online Subscription
Price: $7.95/month per child
Age Range: K-2nd Grade is a online program that teaches an elementary science curriculum. There are modules for each topic studied but they also offer instructions for hands on learning to go with it.

Each module completely teaches the topic to the child.  There is also a teacher section for the information you need to further assist that topic as well as the hands on activities to go with that topic.  It also checks off the tasks once they are completed. We worked on living and non living things then jumped on to weather.  There is several different topics to choose from and you  can choose any grade range you need to suite your child.  The parents section tells you everything you need to know as well to help them.  This is great for the young learners or even as a review for your older children.
Science4Us Review
Once the child is logged in it is very easy to navigate the area you want.  When in your teacher account you assign the child the areas you want him/her to learn.  Then when the child signs in they see the topic and watch the initial introduction to the lesson.  Then there are different tasks they can complete by picking and choosing as they go. Below is what your child will see when they log in.  There is also a cool little music player that was a neat little add on to the page.  At the bottom of the screen there are instructional videos which are great.  There are so many cool features in this program that it is hard to find them all without some help.  This is how I learned how to assign modules to her.  Also it only takes one teacher account and you can have multiple children accounts.
Science4Us Review

Science4Us ReviewScience4Us ReviewWhen in the program you may think you need to stay with the child the whole time but really it is so easy they can do a lot on their own.  My daughter that I used this with is 7 and still does not really read.  I was worried about this and how much I would have to help her.  Everything was read out loud to her and then when there was a review with a question and she had to pick the answer it also read the answers when you moved the mouse over them.  She really loved this because it made her feel more independent and not so upset that she couldn't read it.  Each thing was simple to use and navigate.  There was fun little games in each module too, this made my 7 year old happy, learning by fun.  The graphics are great, the voice that is used is a bit annoying and my 7 year old mentioned that at first as well.  Sometimes she had a hard time understanding what it was saying but I think she got used to it because she eventually stopped asking me what it was saying.  

We do science almost everyday so we got a lot of use out of this program.  I think it was great that I could get her logged in and then she could go at it.  On the weekends I would go in and assign her the things I wanted her to do (giving her the option on which topic she wanted to learn).  Then I also could prepare the hands on activities for us to do as well.  The offline work worked well with what was being taught in the lessons.

I loved the notebook section.  It showed all the work that she had completed and I could add in any notations that I wanted, maybe like things she needed to work on.  It also showed me the vocabulary words, which allowed me to randomly quiz her verbally on them.

The only thing that disappointed me is I thought that the hands on would be more experiments and not just paper work.  Though they were usually fun ones, it is still hard to get my 7 year old to do worksheets.

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Sunday, February 23, 2014


Oh boy here it goes. I am making my journey back to Georgia again. I can't wait for the warm weather and sandy beaches. The kids will get to see their dad more often, which means mom can actually have a break again.

Most of all homeschoolers there rock. Their are so many that their is always an activity going on. The kids will enjoy having that so much. 

Did I mention I will be glad not to freeze again all the time? Lol

Now the crappy part...driving 14ish hours with an exclusively breast fed 2 month old. Don't forget about the three other kids that fight constantly, I need a bus. Hopefully we survive it. We will be smooshed in the van with all of our stuff.

Say prayers for safe travels and better lives. 

Puppy training

Why is it so hard to teach a puppy not to poop in the house ? 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Free Kids Recipe Book

Go download the Kid-Friendly Recipe book from Goose Berry Patch.  

I am excited to try this one with my kids.

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

She is 9!

I can't even believe I have a nine year old! This is my oldest, 9, and the youngest, 1 month. I'm so blessed to have her. She is a great big sister and enjoys helping take care of her baby brother!