Thursday, August 24, 2017

Talking Rock Caverns Branson MO Trip

Where: Talking Rocks Cavern
              423 Fairy Cave Ln
              Branson West, MO 65737
Hours: Monday-Sunday 9:00am-6:00pm

About: Talking Rocks Cavern was named Fairy Cave by a cave developer by the name of Truman Powell. However in 1969 Silver Dollar City bought the cave and renamed it Talking Rocks Cavern. The cave is a vertical cave and is constructed with concrete walkways and railings. The cave sits at a comfortable 62 degrees year round. The tour consists of lots of stairs and about an hour long exploration. Each group has a tour guide that tells you about the history and the development of the cave. There is also miniature golf, walking trials, gem mining, and some speleo boxes. 

Our Fun: we arrived to Talking Rocks Cavern and checked into the desk. Each tour leaves every 30 minutes and so we had time to have a quick lunch at the picnic tables. No food or drinks are allowed inside the cave, with the exception of bottled water. They give you a brief about the cave and how there are lots of steps and some tight spaces. So if you are claustrophobic you may want to second going in. Then the tour begins. It is a downward hike to start but there is lots of stops with the tour guide to talk to you about the cave. This helps if you need a rest going down or even back up. 

Our tour guide was amazing and he added some fun humor to keep everyone on their toes. We took all 9 kids with us ranging in ages from 16 to 1 and everyone enjoyed it. 

The beautiful cathedral that you actually get to walk through as well. 

The tour was amazing and some amazing views. At the end they turned off all the lights and they had different spot lights pointing to different views which was magical. At the end of the tour,while still in the cave, they do take a photo of your group that you can purchase for $10. I of course got one because it isn't often you can get a whole family picture with 11 people and everyone looking forward. 

Once we finished up inside we came out and let the kids explore the speleo boxes. There is a smaller one inside the building and one outside. They are fun for all ages and most sizes. You just have to think about how to move and twist to get through some right spots. 

I think the kids went through these each several times. It was hot out but it didn't stop them from enjoying every minute of it. 

We then got to enjoy a fun game of miniature golf. It is a nice little set up and a fun way to wind down from all the excitement from our trip. 

This is also fun for all ages, even the young ones that carry the ball to the hole when they can't hit it there. I don't think anyone left without having a good time.

My family and I would have to give this place 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Be sure to set a day aside so you can enjoy all the perks that this place has to offer. Bring a picnic lunch to enjoy. Their are restrooms as well as a water station to get a drink if needed. If you want to walk the trails you may want to choose a day that isn't so hot. Just remember anytime of the year the cave is going to be great. If you love caves you need to make sure you get this one of your list of to explore ones. All the staff were very friendly and inviting. They welcomed my big family in with no issues and we had no issues our entire day. 

There is also a gift shop that has a large variety of things. They have toys for kids and amazing gems to so much more. 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Relationship Memes

Relationship goal memes are all the rage on Facebook these days. The response to them are generally mixed with love and hate. Some people in this world have been lucky enough to find the love of their life, who treats them like royalty. You also have some that have lived in the dungeons of hell and couldn't imagine anything more. As most of my readers know I am one of the latter. I had been abused for many years before I was able to get away. Things still are not easy and those fears always loom in the back of your mind. The above meme is one I always see and I always pray that I will experience. 

Though it is hard to learn you will see that only you can love yourselves that much. I am never going to find anyone that will heal me. No one will ever be so magical that my world instantly goes perfect. I am damaged from my past so I have to heal myself. Well it is going to take a lot of Jesus too. I do hope that my partner in life will be by my side cheering me on with my battle. That is all I could ask for. 

So if you need your broken pieces to stick back together, you need to pull out some self hugs. Love yourself and know that you are good enough and worthy of the world. When you do you will be able to strive and choose a better mate and you will also not settle for less than the best because you know how to make yourself happy. 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Talking Rocks Cavern Branson Missouri

FAMILY FUN at Talking Rocks Cavern! Explore the world underground in "Missouri's Most Beautiful Cave" where fun, knowledgeable guides take you along lighted paths to view amazing crystal formations. Budget friendly Rock/Gift Shop, gemstone mining, and Cave Country Mini-Golf. Enjoy the nature trails, lookout tower, picnic areas and indoor and outdoor SpeleoBox cave crawls, which are free to our guests.

$2.00 OFF EACH CAVE ADMISSION - Save $2.00 off each regular price admission. Not vaild with other offers. Valid for up to 10 people! 


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Get to the Garden!

It is time!
It is time!
It is time to get to planting.  The kids and I went and got some seed to plant in the house until we get the garden tilled up.  Some things we will buy that are already grown though.  

So we picked out:


We all love to garden. It gives us something to do together as a family as well as feeling like we done something great when we pick food WE grew.  Not to mention it is cheaper to feed us during garden time!

I was working hard sitting on that ground in the sun!

Any time she can stick her hands in dirt and not get in trouble this girl is there!

All of them planted!

Now we wait for them to grow!

Do you grow a garden?