Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Pathway to Liberty Homeschool Curriculum Review

Vendor: Pathway to Liberty Homeschool Curriculum
Product: Pathway to Liberty's US History Level 1
Age: Level one is for K5- 3rd grade

We recently started using Pathway to Liberty's US History, part of Pathway to Liberty's History Curriculum, from Pathway to Liberty Homeschool Curriculum. We started out with the physical copy of Level 1. This is a Christian based curriculum. There are several different levels to this set but they all are at the same stage of learning. Like you can have multiple age kids working on this together learning the same thing. The early levels will just be easier work load. The student guide is 371 pages long. This also comes with a teachers guide, which is 299 pages long.  This curriculum uses immersion based learning. This helps really dig into the topics you are learning about. It also offers book suggestions to help further get into the subject you are learning. 

Each lesson is scheduled out to be taught 4 a week. So we did Monday through Thursday. Each of the daily lessons took 30 minutes or so. Sometimes more but my kids tend to have more special needs in learning than others. Each week starts with a weekly overview. This helps you see what’s going to be gone over for the week, also shows for the older children as well. There is also a scripture for each week to go along with it. The projects in the book has the directions for them in the teachers guide. This is also only a 26 week study. With the last two weeks being Review. So it won’t get you through all of the year but close. 

We did find this to be a bit advanced for our kindergarten child. We aren’t to the point of being able to read or write so there was a lot of oral dictation which I than wrote in the answers for him. There was coloring pages that he did enjoy though. This is more fit for a third grader for sure. But it is workable, just have to make adjustments to suite your child. Which we are used to with most curriculum. I also figure that since it’s a little more rigorous we can extend the work load out to fill up the full year if need be. I over all believe this is a really good in depth history class. I think the older grade would be just as good. Adding in the additional books helps really get a feel for the stories taught at hand and gives a little break from the pen and paper work. I think of you are wanting to have some good really informative history in your school, than this is where you want to look for it. 

Be sure to check out what my other crew members said about it and some of the other levels. They also offer a digital version which allows you access to all of the levels for all of your children. Also check out their social media pages. This helps you stay updated on new things as well as sometimes discounts. 

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