Thursday, March 8, 2012

Do Easter the Thirty-One way!

Easter is coming up!  March's deal is for every $31 you spend you get a mini utility bin for $8.  These make GREAT easter baskets and will be reusable after.  They make a great storage bin for toys or bathroom bins.  You can put a small trash can liner in it and put it in ur car for your kids trash.  You can use it an office trash bin.  Use them for hair ties and brushes!  The options are limitless.  I think that is a better offer than a cheap basket that breaks before easter is over or gets trashed right after.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Free e-book

Note: Amazon prices change often and they change without warning. Grab this one NOW if you want it. If you AREN’T seeing the price as $0, the freebie offer has ended.
the story of rainbow butterflies
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After spinning their cocoons they turn into beautiful Rainbow Butterflies!
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Thanks MamaCheaps for the heads up!

Thirty-One Gifts

Check out this great deal! Be sure to order under My Events!  This is a great savings you can not pass up.  It would be a great time to order some coolers and totes for those spring trips and picnics.  Don't pass this up! Feel free to share the link!

Good day!

We were able to fly through our assignments today in homeschool. I learned that stickers are the key to teaching my 5 year old to read.  I got some tiny stars and when she would actually sound a word out I would stick one on her.  She liked that, so instead of guessing she actually worked towards reading the words.  She however is a cheater when it comes to writing words.  she will right the first letter of each word then go to the next and so on.  I think that voids the purpose of writing out the words to help learn them.  I say one problem at a time though with her. 

Now on the other hand my 7 year old flies through her work then trys to go further.  That is fine and I normaly let her.  However, when she gets on work that is teaching a new thing she get mad because I can not stop working with Kiya to explain it to her.  She is to smart for her own good.  She is by far easier to work with then Kiya. 

Now Micah, my three year old, sits outside the classroom watching us and throwing things at us to get our attention.  You ask why I do not give him something to do? Because he does not want to do anything besides throw things at us and scream.

Oh the life of homeschooling!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Totsy Time

If you have never shopped at Tosy before than shipping is free. Do not miss this great deal on kids umbrella's.  It would be a good buy even to have an extra one to leave in the car incase you are out and forget yours.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dishwashers saving the lives of mamas!

Do you ever thank God when you walk into your kitchen and catch a glimps at that beautiful thing under the counter?  I have lived many places and years without a dishwasher, I now have one!  Now I just have to say that that overwhelming pile of dishes after dinner time no longer make me want to run and hide.  I fill the dishwasher and the sink is empty, in all of five minutes.  Well now here comes the part that makes me believe that my dishwasher is a super hero! 

When your young kids have that nasty cough and snotty nose, yet they are still all over their toy, you imagin how much germs are spread.  Well did you know that you can put those plastic toys in the dishwasher to sanatize them?  Just make sure you do air dry if your dishwasher has the option or stop it before the drying option. 

Next on the how cool list is your toothbrushes!  You can santize them in there as well by putting them in like a mesh bag and let them go.  You can also sanatize your combs and brushes this way too.

Lastly, the best option for cleaning your dishwasher is to pour vinager in the bottom when empty and run it through a cycle.  This helps get rid of lime build up as well as give it a boost in its sanitation.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Big Move

Well my life's journey took me for a spin. A quick action landed me in Savannah, GA. I must say I love finally living by the ocean. Hop in the car and drive less than thirty minutes to the wondrous beach is amazing. My kids love that there is no snow here and the many activites to do. They play outside every day mostly all day long. I do have to prod them to come I. The house and do school time. Which brings me back to homeschooling. I am not sure about the schools here, well more so that I do ot know anyone enough to trust my babies with them. The kids are happy to be back into homeschool and we have a fun little room set up just for school. It is still a work in progress but I will be sure to update pictures soon. City life is way different then this country girl is used to though. We have 3 walmarts with in 10 miles of me, that I know of. Then 5 grocery stores with in 5 miles of me. I have two huge malls, one on each side of me. Of course the boys love the fact we live 1.8 miles from Bass Pro Shops :).

It was hard moving away from my parents, I know they don't think it was for me though. My mom got diagnosed with cancer a few months ago and has been going through chemo. It is hard knowing I am not close but it was a choice that was going to help my little family out financially. I still have yet to venture off far from my comfort zone of the main road, although I have found a back way to get to Walmart, publix, and Target with out having to get on the main busy road. I am terrified of all the traffic. I just hope and pray the new venture stays positive for me.