Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Home School Adventure Co. Review

Home School Adventure Company

Home School Adventure Co. Is a wonderful vendor to review for. This time I was able to review their digital copy of I'd Rather Be Your Mommy. This also came with I'd Rather Be Your Mommy Coloring Book Edition. You can also get the I'd Rather Be Your Mommy Print Set.

I'd Rather be Your Mommy Book
I'd Rather Be Your Mommy was written by Stacy Farrell. In full color this book is about a mother's love for her child. It helps the child understand no matter what we will always be their mommy first. 

As a busy mom myself this was a great little book for both my toddler and I. Just having reentered the workforce for the first time since becoming a mother, we have had to change a lot of things. My toddler were very sad to see me go everyday and would worry if I was coming home. They would cry when I would leave which broke my heart. This book help explain better than I could, that no matter what I do I will always love them and being their mom will always be first to me. We compared how my life is to those in the book, like an actor. We talked about how I show my love for them by cooking, cleaning and spending time with them. 

I'd rather be Your Mommy Coloring book

The coloring book was nice to have to print out ans let my 3 year old color while I was reading the book to him. It kept him still so that we could get through the book and talk about it. They are cute little pages that he can color his heart put on. 
I'd Rather be Your Mommy Print set

The print set is nice if you wanted to print the book out to have instead of reading it from your computer. The pictures are very bright and fun. They could also be used to make reminders to hang up in the kids room to show your love for them. 

I think this book would be great for moms and littles that maybe having a hard time going back to work or even adding a child and one feeling left out. It's a good reminder that we love our children no matter what goes on in life. We are their mommy first and for most and will be there no matter what. It was so much fun seeing the love when he understood what it was all about. He really loved the coloring pages and being able to see the wonderful colored book pages. 

Be sure to check out the social media links as well as what my fellow crew mates had to say about this book and other books by Home School Adventure Co. 

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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Child with SPD

As I am sitting here on the couch working on my blog I notice my son is different.  I mean I KNOW he is since he has SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder).  However he has always just been Micah to me.  I really don't notice the weird things that he does until someone points them out to me as he has always done them.  

So back to sitting here he is playing with my hair.  I start thinking back to when he was just a newborn, he has always had a hair fetish.  I have always been a co-sleeper with all my kids, and Kiya has the curly blond locks!  Micah used to scoot himself around of a night till he could get a handful of hair.  We would wake up and his fingers were always caught into her hair.  Funny thing is if he didn't have hair he wouldn't sleep.  When I started cosmetology school I would take my doll head and lay it next to him during a nap or so I could get out of bed.  It kept him content and asleep.

The obsession didn't stop there though.  As I sit here and notice him playing with my hair and seeing he uses my hair as his lovey.  None of my kids ever got stuck on any type of lovey except him!  He picked my hair of all things.
Sorry for the mess up in the middle of it, not sure why that happened.

This is how he does me all of the time.  He needs to have my hair at some part of his day to just do as he wishes.  Sometimes it is pulling it and he gets upset because I take my hair away.  I still need to learn more about SPD so that I can fully understand my strange little man.

Do your kids have any strange habits?

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Eclectic Foundations Review

Language Arts {Eclectic Foundations }

Vendor: Eclectic Foundations
Product: Eclectic Foundations Language Arts Level A
Price: $12.00 - $30.00
Age: Kindergarten or those struggling with gaining the concept of the letters and sounds.

Language Arts {Eclectic Foundations }

Eclectic Foundations Language Arts Level A by EclecticFoundations is a Language Arts curriculum to each letters and sounds. The program is meant to be doing one lesson a day, with lots of reviewing of the word cards. Each letter has four days wOrth of studying. Each of these repeat each week with each new letter. You have a day of letter introduction, this usually includes making the letter with things such as play dough or coloring the letter. Then you have practiceon lower and uppercase of that letter. You have sound practice of the letter to help build on reading. I would like to note that the copyright allows for copying the pages if needed for your child to practice them overy and again until they have gotten it. The first two days rely on building letters from things like the dough or even sticks. The last two days are for writting them. All the lessons also include a mother goose rhyme that they search for the letter they are working on within the rhyme.  There is 266 pages in that student book.  You also have the teacher book which has 151 pages of guidance and help with the lessons each day. This set also includes your word cards which helps with practice time. 

How we used: I used this with my son. He has adhd and his attention on any program is very minimal. We enjoyed that he only had four days a week on work and each lesson only took about 30 minutes. Though through out the day I would randomly ask him things like what sound does m make? This helped with the practice without it being sit down work. He really enjoyed building the letters. I think that was his favorite part and actually helped him remember how to write them. He is a typical boy in how many hate writing so even the writing lessons were minimal and just enough practice to get the letter down. The rhymes were fun and he enjoyed listening to them and hunting for his letters. The matching game on the letters were a bit difficult at first. They use different fonts for each letter but I think it gave a nice challange. We tend to forget many books use different fonts and even most people write some things differently than others. It is good to teach them how to read the other styles as well. He really picked up the letters much easier. We are still having to work more on sounds and reading our word cards but I believe we will make it there soon. I think when we get to practicing those sections we are going to have to stretch our time out longer as we move further into the harder parts. I do belive this is a great curriculum for any one looking for some shot easy lessons to help their kid out. I also think this would work with those wanting to teach their younger kids earlier. The lesson are so short and to the point it really is easy to work with. Having the teacher book as well has everything and every lesson laid out for you. We use our smile and sad face game a lot on trying to hear the correct sounds in words. 

Don't forget to check out what my fellow crew members had to say about the program as well as the higher levels for older children. I think you will enjoy them and want to try put Eclectic Foundations. 

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Language Arts {Eclectic Foundations Reviews}