Monday, November 21, 2011

Heelys Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals

Heelys Announces Four-Day Deal for Black Friday through Cyber Monday
Savings Up to 70 Percent, Plus Free Ground Shipping on Any Purchase

Heelys, Inc. (NASDAQ: HLYS)

Four-Day Deal for Black Friday through Cyber Monday – US Residents Only

Begins 12:00 AM (CST) on Friday, November 25, and ends at 11:59 PM (CST) on Monday,
November 28, 2011

Heelys Shop - 

Buy any pair of Heelys or HX2s, and get second pair for $25; buy a Nano, get any pair of shoes for $25; free ground shipping on all orders. The Four-Day Deal is only available online at the Heelys Shop ( and is only valid from Friday, November 25, through Monday, November 28, 2011. This offer is for US customers only. 

HEELYS: MSRP: $47.00 and up
Heelys are the original shoes with wheels in the heels that allow the user to transition from a walk to a roll by shifting the weight to the heel. Users can also transform Heelys into street shoes by removing the wheels. An instructional video on how to get started can be found at

HX2: MSRP: $54.99 and up 
Heelys HX2 has two removable wheels in each shoe, making it ideal for younger kids and beginners. Not only is it easier to maintain balance, but the HX2 also does not require as much leg strength to lift up your toes to skate. When you get the hang of skating, convert the HX2 into a normal pair of Heelys by removing the front wheel. Pull out both wheels, and the HX2 becomes a normal pair of street shoes. 

NANO: MSRP: $85.00
The Nano™ was designed in house at Heelys® and works by simply removing the wheel from one of the Heelys skate shoes and snapping the patented wheel bracket into the Sole-Link™, like a ski or snowboard binding. For use on a single foot, the innovative board thrills the user with the same sensations and freedoms felt while slalom skiing and wakeboarding.  The Nano™ lets skaters move farther, faster and longer than ever before.

Log on to for products, videos and how to guides. Follow Heelys on Facebook -, Twitter - and YouTube -

Heelys, Inc. is a company founded on innovation. It designs, markets and distributes its action sports-oriented products to the youth market under the Heelys® brand. The company’s primary product, Heelys wheeled footwear, is a patented dual-purpose skate shoe that incorporates a stealth removable wheel in the heel. Its new product, Heelys HX2, uses two wheels for better balance and control, making it ideal for younger users. Heelys’ third offering, Nano, ramps up the Heelys experience by giving skaters a board that links into the patented Heelys shoe bracket. This allows them to skate farther, faster and longer than ever before. Instructional videos on how to get started can be found at

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Be Thankful

This is the time of year when Facebook goes crazy with posts about what your friends are thankful for each day.  As I read these from my friends I see a pattern of all the good things that have came into their lives.  Now don't get me wrong, being thankful for those good times is great but I feel like it is missing more.  Sometimes the bad things happen in life make great things happen as well.  I would say that getting married to my 1st husband would be something I am thankful for.  Though we are not divorced, without him I would not have had my three rotten but beautiful children.  Though it is hard to say but I am thankful for the passing of my brother.  I think it has brought on an awareness that you never know when your time is going to end.  My brother was always someone to lean on and now he is an angel and still helps me through my hard times.  I just think sometimes we need to think outside the good and remember good and bad is what got us to where we are today.

So what are you thankful for this year?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thanksgiving....What are you having?

So every year for the last 4 years I have been making a pumpkin pie cheesecake.  It is always a great hit and it is quick and easy to make.  It is a no bake type of cheesecake as well.  I myself love it better than a regular pumpkin pie.

what you need

1 pkg. (8 oz.) PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese, softened
1 cup  canned pumpkin
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 tsp.  pumpkin pie spice
1 tub (8 oz.) COOL WHIP Whipped Topping, thawed, divided
1   HONEY MAID Graham Pie Crust (6 oz.)

make it

BEAT cream cheese, pumpkin, sugar and pumpkin pie spice with electric mixer on medium speed until well blended. Gently stir in 2-1/2 cups of the whipped topping. Cover and refrigerate remaining whipped topping for later use.
SPOON cream cheese mixture into crust.
REFRIGERATE 3 hours or overnight. Serve topped with remaining whipped topping. Store leftover cheesecake in refrigerator.

Friday, November 11, 2011

WAG ad scan for Sunday the 13th to Saturday the 19th


$9.99 wyb Estroven Full Strength Caplet, 28 Count $9.99
$3.00 Printable were that expire 12/31

$2RR Wyb Scunci Hair Clips $2.99

Other Deals

Nutrisse Hair Color $4.99
$2.00 MFG In Most Sunday Papers

Royal Gelatin $5/1.00 w/7 Day Ad

Duck Bubble Wrap 12"x 30ft $1.99
$1.00 MFG In Most Sunday Papers


Is there anything that just makes you feel at peace?

I recently moved back to my home town that I grew up in.  It is a very small town with not much around, but great beauty. All it takes is going out the door and looking at the mountains that surround me. With the cooler weather coming in and the layer of fog that surrounds them in mornings is just breath taking.

So what is it that makes you feel that way?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Homeschool Freebee

Here is a free home school planner e-book for free.

You do have to sign up to the site but that is also free.  There is no input of any account information either.

Envelope Budgeting?

The envelope budge system is a great way to keep track of your money and help you get connected with where your money is going.  Found this cool free printable to make your  own.

I think if you like this system you will love the template that is provided here.  If you do not use this system maybe you should try it out.

Riding Fresh-Heeleys

So I order these new "rad" kicks a few weeks ago.

I am a young woman made feel old.  We never had this type of thing when I was a kid.  So I was very excited to get the new latest fad for myself.  I pop open the box and pull out the new kicks.  I was really excited to see that there is a stopper in place of the wheels so I could actually wear this other than skate shoes.  So I decided the best thing to do it wear them a couple of days and break them in.  They were actually a very comfortable shoe!  OK so next step was trying to "heel".  Wow was this a challenge, not going to lie I was scared out of my mind.  In the end I was able to make some small rolls with out tripping.  I was glad that there is a tutorial on Heeling.  I suggest you check that out before your first attempt.  After my fun with them I passed them over to my nephew to show me how it was done.  That kid went flying off with them (sadly he has the same size shoe as me at the age of 8).  I would highly recommend these to all our mothers and fathers that have some hip kids that need some fun!  It is far better than being "grandma on wheels" but the neighborhood kids did think I was a pretty cool mom for even putting them on.  Two thumbs up from this mama!

*I received my new kicks in exchange for my honest opinion on them!*

Monday, July 25, 2011

The time is near

So this is getting close to the rough part of my year. First of all Aug. 1st is my brothers birthday. He also passed away Sept. 15th 2005. I love to rejoice for him on his birthday, wishing him the greatest in heaven. Yet soon after comes the mourning. I know I shouldn't mourn his loss but I can't help to feel jealous that he is in heaven without me. My brother and I may not have always gotten along but he was always there when I needed him. I remember as a small kid one of my earrings came out and grew shut. I wanted them back so bad so he sat with me and slowly worked them back into my ears. He was always sure to let boys know not to mess with me either. I'll never understand why God took him so soon from me but I have to have faith it was for a good reason.

This year is especially hard for me as I am also going through a divorce. I lay awake alot of a night praying that my brother could help guide me with his nonjudgmental words. He was always so great about not pointing fingers fir things that happen in the past. I just miss getting to show him my kids or like the new horse I got. He loved animals and family.

I love and miss you with every piece of my heart and soul bub.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Single Mom

So what is a mom? Well I am not sure some days. I believe that I am so much all bunched under one title. A mom is so much more than a woman that gives birth to a baby. Every day I do something new in my life that I can only file under mom duty.
Tonight I am sitting up awake while the house is sound asleep. Why you ask? Because tonight I pull another mom duty. My 3 year old son fell off the bed and bumped his head. He now has a nasty goose egg knot back there. He seems to be doing good and responsive, but now is bed time. So as a worry wort (another mom duty) here I sit next to him randomly poking him to make sure he is breathing and responds.
I wonder somedays how I manage to do it all yet seem like nothing is done at the same time. For a mom's job is never done. Very tiring job this is....yet I wouldn't trade it for the world. Some say I worry to much and should lighten up. I say to them that they must not have the mom roll correctly installed. I am a mother and I will over worry, over protect, over analize, over react and over do so many other things until the day I die.
My dad the other day made a good point, cherish every moment you have with your children because you never know when that chance will end. I do not want to be the mom that looks back and thinks I should have done something different. I want to be the mom that does it the best way I know how to now. I do not want to have regrets on how I raised my kids or time that I spent with them.
I want my kids to know I have and will always love them matter what. Even when I make them mad at me because I made them clean their room. Once again as a mom that is my job. My kids may not always be happy with me but in the end they will love me for bringing them up the right way.
So that is why I sit here tonight, losing a nights sleep that I will never get to make up, to over protect my child while he and my other babies sleep peacefuly. When morning comes and I am tired and grumpy I will at least relish in the fact that I made sure my son woke up with me.

Mommy loves you Micah.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Birthday fit for a farmer

So I could not decide what kind of cake to make my soon to be three year old for his birthday. He is the kind of kid that likes everything but loves nothing. I finally decided to just go to Walmart and see where his mood took us. Well as you see it went straight to a John Deere farm set. So here is the cute guys cake!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Warm Weather

Warm weather is here to stay for the moment.  I have had so many projects going on that I forget to check in here.  I have finally gotten my addition on my house done, as far as insulated and walls up.  All that is left is painting the walls and laying the carpet down.  But, I have thought of just painting the concrete too.  The addition will house my master bedroom, closet, and a laundry room.  I am also in the process of building the kids a club house out of the scrap lumber from the addition (why waste it?).  Lastly, I am remodeling my kitchen.  It is very small to begin with (I live in a vacationers lake home, it was not built to be a full time unit) so I am trying to build shelving and such to make it more usable space.  I also got me a dishwasher!!!!!  That makes me so so happy that I will not have to do dishes by hand everyday!

Now with warm weather here my creativity comes too.  I love making tie dye, candles, and soap. It has been a great past time for me that I have let come and go with the times.  It has been nice to be able to make my own smell goods instead of paying retail price for them.  I also do thing it is very cute to see some cute kiddos sporting a cute tie dye out on a summer fun day.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Free CD for my blog readers!!!!

I just found out about this great program for preschoolers, and thought you'd love to hear about it because it can also help you earn some extra money!
After all, who isn't in need of a little extra cash in this economy? 
I just finished listening to this FREE CD from Joy Anderson where she tells you all her secrets about how to START A PRESCHOOL (not a daycare!) in your home!
Here's the best part!  
She wants everyone to know about this great option, so she's giving all our blog readers a copy of her FREE CD too!  Go grab yours now!  Click the link below to go get it:
So why is she giving out all these FREE CDs?  
Well, 3 years ago she was a single mom and had to find a way to create a full-time income at home or be forced to go to work and put her kids in daycare!  Everyone told her to start a daycare, but she knew she'd be exhausted after the long 12-hr. days!
Then she stumbled upon the idea of starting a preschool (teaching preschool classes for just a few hours each day to children ages 3-5) and within 30 days, she made enough to keep her kids out of daycare... and keep her at home with them!
Over the past 3 years, she's taught over a thousand men and women how to start their own preschools.  "But that's not enough," Joy told me, "because I know there are still thousands more women in the world feeling hopeless about their financial situation.  NO woman should feel that their only options are to get a job and put their kids in daycare, or to start a daycare themselves.  There IS another option--perhaps a better option for some women--and I'm here to share it with the world!"
So grab your FREE CD right now to find out how starting a preschool can bless your family's life!  (And feel free to forward this link to anyone you think might benefit from it!)

Disclosure: I received compensation for posting my honest opinion.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Freeze Dried Food

Have you ever wished that your food would last longer?  Well there is a company called Freeze Dried that helps you out with that.  Buy the food today and it will last for the next 25 years!  Right now Free Dried Foods are having a promotion called Try-N-Buy.  This is a seminar in a town near you that you can try the meats, fruits, veggies and milk that they have. There will be chances to win free months worth of food, discounts for group buying since you are there, and if you buy a 3 months supply you get a $400 worth bonus pack!  Sounds to good to be true? I know I have always wanted a better option for storing my foods.  Plus you have food safe for natural disasters that are going all over. Why not go and see it for yourself!  I think it is a great idea and I will be looking for near me as well!  I can not wait to try the foods and try to implement the change in my home. Check out the site and let me know what you think.

*Disclaimer- I received compensation for posting my honest opinion.

Friday, April 29, 2011

CoverGirl 50th Anniversary

Come join the party at CoverGirl and celebrate with us. There is chances to win some great prizes as well. There are 1,000 giveaways of full sized products every month! Join in and you would be one of those lucky ones. As part of the fun, they’ll be offering samples, fun quizzes, sweet rewards, monthly and quarterly prizes and amazing once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Go ahead, invite your friends to the party and rock your COVERGIRL all year long!

Disclosure: I am a Buzz Agent and recived some kind of reward for my honest opinion.


Luxury make-up made with carefully-chosen natural ingredients for flawless coverage and light-as-air-feel — now that's luxury touched by nature!  What a truly great new product.  I have always been a fan of CoverGirl makeup and it is always my first pick.  I tried this new line, the foundation and a lip gloss, and fell in love.  My old CoverGirl foundation is good but this one blows the old out of the water.  Not to mention I am all about being green and this stuff is made with natural ingredients, how could it get any better.  The best thing is it isn't out of the world in price like the other natural/mineral makeups out there.  Has anyone one else tried it?  What are your thoughts if you have?  If you haven't is it something you think you would try?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sleepless nights

     Do you ever just lay in bed and feel so tired and worn out yet you can't go to sleep? Tonight is one of those nights for me. So much runs through my head that I fear falling asleep. I feel if I fall asleep I will forget to do and plan everything in the morning that I have been thinking about. Maybe I am getting old? I used to love to sleep, and would sleep past noon everyday if I wanted. Now I hate to sleep because it wastes time that I could be doing something productive.
    I enjoyed the blog hop today! Thank you to everyone who joined in.  Tomorrow I will be hosting another and hope it is even bigger than todays.

Frisky Friday Blog Hop

Frisky Friday
List your blog and follow others. Only rule is to follow the host first and go from there. Happy blog hopping.

Tired Thursday Blog Hop

Tired Thursday Blog Hop!
List your blog and follow others. Only rule is to follow the host first and go from there. Happy blog hopping.

Twitter Hop

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Zoya Nail Polish Deal


All you pay is $4.00 per bottle for shipping and processing. Get new polish and turn in your old stuff.

1. Go to and pick out the polishes you would like and add them to your cart. You must select at least 6 bottles and no more than 24 bottles of polish (Salons accounts minimum 12 maximum 48 bottles.)
2. Apply the code: EARTHZOYA
3. Your order value will be adjusted to reflect the promotion
4. SUBMIT your order!

Win a Little Tikes Cozy Truck

Win a Little Tikes Cozy Truck

What You Can Win: Little Tikes Cozy Truck

Giveaway Host: That’s IT Mommy

Giveaway is Open To: US, 18+

Main Entry Method:

Leave a comment

Additional Entry Methods: Yes

Giveaway Ends: 05/07/11

Enter This Giveaway:

No babies!

Do you ever get baby fever? I know that I sure do when I see a cute little baby. But,the point of this is to show you that it isn't just about the looks of a baby. One must think of their family members when that powerful urge comes along for a child. Last night I kept a sweet and cute two month old while her mama was in the hospital having her gallbladder removed. She was such a good baby till night dawned upon us. See this baby has really bad acid reflux and after her night time feed she was in pain. So as my spouse and son lay in bed covering their ears through the crying I got a chuckle out of it. I love my family and would love to cuddle with a cute baby but I do not think my family would approve of that choice. We always need to think of our families as a whole and the needs and wants of us all instead of just ourselves in moments of awww.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Swag Code Alert!
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Scentsy Giveaway

If you like Scentsy check out Emily's Scentsy on Face Book and like it.  When she reaches 100 likes (currently at 80) she will be hosting a giveaway!

Wonderful Weekend

Well the weekend has come and gone!  It was a great holiday weekend minus all of the rain and flooding going around.  Now I will wish for warm dry weather to push forward so camping season can arrive.  I have a new Coleman Tent that is the bomb!  It is styling with LED lights and even a fan built into it.  Now my kids will not complain about the dark or the heat!.  I am ready to set it up and stay in it for extended weekends of BBQ, swimming, and hiking enjoyment.  I am also glad to finally have a tent I feel secure in, my other tents have always been small and they bend as a breeze comes through :).  Do you like to camp?

Scentsy Consultant

 How would you like to make money from home?  You could make your own hours, change those hours, take away or even add more hours to your work schedule.  If this sounds like a good job to you than you should look into becoming a Scentsy Consultant.  Joining is very easy to do; a simple conversation with a non-pushy consultant will answer all of your questions and concerns. Become a consultant today for $99 (which includes everything you need to get started) and start making some extra cash.  Just remember this is all from the comfort of your own home!!

 Scentsy is a company that sells wickless candles and flameless candles.  This company is growing quickly so now is the time to jump aboard and reap the benefits of a great company.   This is a great product to have in the home as they are safe unlike regular flame burning candles.  I really enjoy this product in my own home and recommend it to anyone.  Scentsy pretty much sells its self so why not join now?


This company compensated to me in exchange for an honest review.  This is my own opinion and honest feelings.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Do you like to Blog?

If you like to blog and love to give company reviews then you will love Business 2 Blogger .  It is a FREE service for a blogger to get in contact with companies that will in turn pay you for reviewing their products.

Dole Squish’ems

There is a new $1/1 Dole Squish’ems coupon available to print. 

If you have not let your kids try these you should!  These are really tasty treats for them to snack on.  My kids get these now and ask for these versus candy when they are hungry.  This is also great for on the go, before we go anywhere I grab each kid on and it keeps them content during out drive to town or home.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

DIY: Tutu's

Tutus ~ No Sew
I had fun making them and they took about an hour to make, the longest part was cutting the tulle. I found that you can make them short and super puffy, or long and sort of puffy.
Here are directions so you can make your own no-sew tutu.
First measure the waist of the tutu wearer. Subtract 3 inches. Cut your elastic to that measurement and sew ends together. (I used a zig zag stitch, but this can be hand sewn as well) I recommend sewing back and forth several times to make sure your waistband is very secure.
Decide how long you want your tutu to be,  double it and add one inch. That is the length you want to cut your tulle.
My tulle was already six inches wide so I only had to cut the length. I used two 6 in by 75 ft rolls of tulle for each tutu, which I purchased on ebay.
Here is the hard part to explain in writing. I slid the elastic waist band up my leg and on my thigh. I then proceeded to tie the tulle in double knots on the elastic waistband. I made sure all the knots were at the same level on the elastic. Putting the elastic on your leg just makes it easier to work with.
After I tied all the tulle around the elastic I added satin bows on each side. I burn the ends of my satin ribbon to keep from fraying.
This project is very easy and even a non crafty person can make these adorable tutus. Pair with a leotard and you have a great gift for that special little girl.

Clutter Control With 5 Minute Pick-Ups

Are you overwhelmed by the end of the day when your house looks like a tornado went through it? It is no fun to sit and relax, read a book, watch a movie, or check your email, when you know that there is a big mess waiting for you. Well, it isn’t fun for me…. some people can probably live with it! Clutter Control With 5 Minute Pick Ups We try to manage our daily clutter with 5 minute pick-ups. If you do 7 to 10 of these a day your house will stay pretty organized.

Even if your children are young they can participate in the pick-ups. It is a great way to teach them how to clean up after themselves and doing it frequently throughout the day keeps messes to a minimum. I have always believed that young children get overwhelmed with huge messes. It is much easier for them to pick up a few things, than an entire room filled with toys, shoes, bedding, and clothes. Short frequent pick-ups eliminate giant messes (for the most part) and kids learn to maintain their space.
In our house, one or two people are assigned an area to clean up and they work quickly for a few minutes putting things away. If there is a larger mess we will often all work together, but it works well to send the kids off in pairs (if you have enough kids). If you have young children work with them to pick up their area. Make it fun, put on some music, and work together. They might have so much fun they won’t even know they are cleaning!
How do you control clutter throughout the day?

Get Organized

 Over the years I have tried many ways to control my paper clutter. I discovered that the binder system works best for organizing important files and documents in my home.
I like binders for several reasons:
  • Portable: If you have ever moved file folders don’t pack them correctly (meaning right side up) you have a big mess when you unpack them at your next location.
  • Flexible: I have stored binders on shelves, in cabinets, and in drawers.
  • Cheap: Binders are a dime a dozen at yard sales, and even if you buy them new they aren’t very expensive.
  • Easy to use: For me, binders make it easy to file and keep track of papers. I can’t stand “flipping” through file folders with my head bent down over the file cabinet trying to locate an important paper.
Items needed for a using binders to organize your paperwork:
Extra items:

 Organizing with Binders: Clean Home, Fresh Start

Pencil Pouch
Organizing with Binders: Clean Home, Fresh Start

Currently my binders are stored in a drawer in the office. I have a To Do folder that is kept in a convenient place for immediate filing.  Once a week (or sometimes once a month) I take the papers out of the folder and organize them in the binders.
Organizing with Binders: Clean Home, Fresh Start
I use the page protectors to hold documents are more important and can’t have holes. I use the pencil bags to store small items like envelopes, used checkbooks, store cards, and receipts.
I printed labels on white paper for the spine of each binder, so I can easily see which one I need. I have binders for:
  • Investments
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Homeschool Records
  • Medical Records
  • Car Records
  • Household Records
Organizing with Binders: Clean Home, Fresh Start
About every six months I go through my binder and shred unneeded documents.
I love my binder system. For me it is so much easier than digging through file folders to find paperwork.
What filing system works for you?

Ebat Groupon $7 for $15

Ebay Groupon: $7 for $15 Gift Card
Don’t miss this hot Ebay Groupon! For only $7 you can purchase a $15 Groupon for Ebay. I love Ebay, I use to make a little grocery money years ago selling things on Ebay and you can find great deals on anything from clothes to electronics. This Ebay Groupon can be used towards shipping and there is a limit of one per person.
If you have Groupon credits you can use them for the Ebay Groupon, but you have to enter your credit card information during check out. Your credit card will not be charged if you have Groupon credits in your account.
Thanks Money Saving Mom!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Good Deal for Birthday Party

Set of 4 Blinky Balloon Party Lights

Set of 4 Blinky Balloon Party Lights

Add some bright fun flair to your next party with Blinky Balloon Party Lights! These blinking balloon lights are safer than candles for creating ambiance and can be reused over and over again for all your parties. Blinky Balloons are easy to use - just turn one on, drop it in a balloon, then fill it with helium or blow it up as usual. The Set Of 4 Blinky Balloons Party Lights includes 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 green and 1 blue. Each requires 3 replaceable button-cell batteries (included). This set also includes four 12" balloons to get you started. Burst the bubble on boring balloons and bring home the Blinky Balloon Party Lights!
  View more

Set of 4 Blinky Balloon Party Lights

  • 4 Blinky Lights (red, yellow, blue, green)
  • Safe and reusable
  • Requires 3 button-cell batteries (included)
  • Four 12" balloons 

Retail Price: $12.99

$1.99+$5 shipping

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Free Neti Pot

nasaflo Free NeilMed NasaFlo Neti Pot or Sinus Rinse

Hurry, available again!!
Free NeilMed Sinus NasaFlo Neti Pot with TWO packets. NeilMed is giving away free full size samples of their NetiPots. Like NeilMed’s Facebook page, and then click the “Free Neti Pot” tab in the left sidebar to get your Free NeilMed sample.
You can also score a Free NeilMed Sinus Rinse –  here

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Product Review- Monkey Brains

Well let me introduce you to the new brand of haircare catered toward "tweens", Monkey Brains! Monkey Brains is a new collection of hair care that allows kids to be kids. To be fun, be cool and be themselves. Kids begin to express themselves at a very young age and their hairstyle is one way of showing the world who they are. Look around... how many 8-14 year olds have spikes, fauxhawks, and controlled messiness? Almost every one you see. And then there's Justin Beiber...with the ultimate flow. With 2 Gels, 2 Glues, 1 Pomade, a Hair Refresher and a Shampoo and Conditioner offered in the new line, tweens will be able to rock whatever hairstyle they are feelin' at that moment with Monkey Brains!

As a parent you will be excited to know that every product in the Monkey Brains collection contains premium ingredients, are alcohol-free and retail for around $3.99 each at stores you regularly shop at like Walgreens, Walmart, Kroger and more! And at only $3.99 a piece they are very affordable for you and even affordable on your tweens allowance (yay)!

The Products: Crazy Sticky Hair Gel, Super Sticky Hair Gel, Psycho Sticky Hair Glue, Twisted Sticky Hair Glue, Grease Monkey Hair Pomade, Gone Bananas Hair Refresher, Goop Out Shampoo and Super Softy Conditioner.

My Review:  I have used this for myself.  I love the shampoo, it really does get the oil and build up out of your hair.  The conditioner works really well too, you need to use minimal amount for smooth hair.  The gel is great for men to style as well.  I like to put it in my hair after a shower and let it dry.  After it is dry I crunch it all up so it is not so stiff and I get the beach wave look.  As a hair stylist I do not usually recommend brands that are not salon quality, but this one really blew me away.

Freebie with Kodak

Kodak Gallery
Just sign up to be a new member to get this freebie. Then you get a FREE credit to use towards making a photo magnet.
Easter is coming up, could be a great gift to add to someones card.
All you pay is $1 for the shipping.