Monday, September 12, 2011

Riding Fresh-Heeleys

So I order these new "rad" kicks a few weeks ago.

I am a young woman made feel old.  We never had this type of thing when I was a kid.  So I was very excited to get the new latest fad for myself.  I pop open the box and pull out the new kicks.  I was really excited to see that there is a stopper in place of the wheels so I could actually wear this other than skate shoes.  So I decided the best thing to do it wear them a couple of days and break them in.  They were actually a very comfortable shoe!  OK so next step was trying to "heel".  Wow was this a challenge, not going to lie I was scared out of my mind.  In the end I was able to make some small rolls with out tripping.  I was glad that there is a tutorial on Heeling.  I suggest you check that out before your first attempt.  After my fun with them I passed them over to my nephew to show me how it was done.  That kid went flying off with them (sadly he has the same size shoe as me at the age of 8).  I would highly recommend these to all our mothers and fathers that have some hip kids that need some fun!  It is far better than being "grandma on wheels" but the neighborhood kids did think I was a pretty cool mom for even putting them on.  Two thumbs up from this mama!

*I received my new kicks in exchange for my honest opinion on them!*

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