Sunday, November 13, 2011

Be Thankful

This is the time of year when Facebook goes crazy with posts about what your friends are thankful for each day.  As I read these from my friends I see a pattern of all the good things that have came into their lives.  Now don't get me wrong, being thankful for those good times is great but I feel like it is missing more.  Sometimes the bad things happen in life make great things happen as well.  I would say that getting married to my 1st husband would be something I am thankful for.  Though we are not divorced, without him I would not have had my three rotten but beautiful children.  Though it is hard to say but I am thankful for the passing of my brother.  I think it has brought on an awareness that you never know when your time is going to end.  My brother was always someone to lean on and now he is an angel and still helps me through my hard times.  I just think sometimes we need to think outside the good and remember good and bad is what got us to where we are today.

So what are you thankful for this year?

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