Thursday, March 1, 2012

Big Move

Well my life's journey took me for a spin. A quick action landed me in Savannah, GA. I must say I love finally living by the ocean. Hop in the car and drive less than thirty minutes to the wondrous beach is amazing. My kids love that there is no snow here and the many activites to do. They play outside every day mostly all day long. I do have to prod them to come I. The house and do school time. Which brings me back to homeschooling. I am not sure about the schools here, well more so that I do ot know anyone enough to trust my babies with them. The kids are happy to be back into homeschool and we have a fun little room set up just for school. It is still a work in progress but I will be sure to update pictures soon. City life is way different then this country girl is used to though. We have 3 walmarts with in 10 miles of me, that I know of. Then 5 grocery stores with in 5 miles of me. I have two huge malls, one on each side of me. Of course the boys love the fact we live 1.8 miles from Bass Pro Shops :).

It was hard moving away from my parents, I know they don't think it was for me though. My mom got diagnosed with cancer a few months ago and has been going through chemo. It is hard knowing I am not close but it was a choice that was going to help my little family out financially. I still have yet to venture off far from my comfort zone of the main road, although I have found a back way to get to Walmart, publix, and Target with out having to get on the main busy road. I am terrified of all the traffic. I just hope and pray the new venture stays positive for me.

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