Saturday, January 12, 2013

The ice is rolling in...

Well I live in south west Missouri and the ice is all over the place.  It started raining about noon and the temperatures started dropping quickly.  It then turned to sleet and rain shortly after and started freezing the trees and powerlines.  About 4:25pm the electric went out and stayed that way for a good two hours or so. 
The bad thing is that my entire house is electric, so that means no heat.  I bundled the kids up and put their pajamas, the ones that cover your feet and all, and got the big heavy sleeping bag out.  They all sat bundled together on the couch nicely playing the iPad.  I must say I am glad it was charged because it kept them calm and quiet.
This made me think about how I could better prepare myself for this kind of stuff.  It is funny because today I was trying to put a home binder together with all the important things in it.  I need to take it a step further and figure out some steps to prepare me for the rest of the winter here. 
I do not have any family or friends near me, my parents are the closest at almost 3 hours away.  So there is no place for me to go when this happens.  I am thinking I need some sort of heater (kerosen maybe) that will work off something besided electric.  I have just always been afraid of those types of things.
Back in December the power went out on us but it was bed time so I just put all the kids in bed with me with all the blankets and the electric came back on while we were sleeping.
So I am curious about, those of you that live in cold climates, what you do to prepare for power outages?

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