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Leadership Garden Legacy Review

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Leadership Garden Legacy is a program to help you grow your children into leaders.  The kids and I focused on the U.N.I.Q.U.E. KIDS: Growing My Leadership Garden book.

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The paperback book is priced at $18.95.  This is a colorful book written for kids aged 8 - 12.

I also recieved the following:

Leadership Garden Legacy also offers the following PDF's and MP3 downloads to go along with the program.


The book we used also had the MP3 that read along so that we didn't have to read it all ourselves. It was a nice change of pace since I have one good reader and one that still struggles with reading.  They were able to follow along in the book while listening to someone other than mom read.  I have to say that it was pleasant to listen to.
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The journal that goes along with the book is a little tool that helps your child keep up with what is going on and how much they are retaining.  I will say the book would probably be easier for the latter age range than it was for my 6 year old.  They give ideas on field trips and to plant your own flower though which was nice.  It did give us a chance after chapters to discuss together out loud though.  It helped prompt things to talk about and see how the kids felt about it as well as myself on how I think they should handle things.

Now overall I think that it was a good idea for the program.  Kids need to learn leadership skills and Hugh (the main character in the book) is going around learning these skills in this garden from other animals.  However on the religious aspect of it all we did not agree with it.  The book stated there are no bad people.  When talking about animals in the book they are correct that animals do things based on instinct to survive.  You can not compare that to humans in no way or form.  My children know their are bad people and I teach them "stranger danger".  I do not want them out in public with false hope that there is no bad people and something happen to them.  Even though the book had those points it made for great talks about how we believe.

I also read the book Growing the Leader Within.  I don't really think it was a how to be a leader book though.  I think that it is more of the author telling her life story.  You also want to make sure if you pick this for yourself or your high school child that you also get the younger level book as well as it references back to the story of Hugh.  If you don't read it you may get lost in the book.

This program is no way labeled as a christian program so I can not knock it.  I think maybe if someone isn't looking for a biblical prospective program this would be a great fit for them.  It really did have a good story line as well as some good points.  The journal also goes along with the Oregon State standards and has the list in there. This could easily be tweaked to whatever state you are in and your guidelines. 


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