Friday, December 28, 2018

When things get rough

When you have certain things going on in your life how do you get through them?  I have a busy schedule already and then when something abnormal happens it really throws me off.  I have a hard time with wanting to have everything planned out and even if those planned this are a little off as long as it is on the general time line I do fine.  However when something out of the ordinary pops its head in I go nuts.  

My biggest thing is I always make a budget.  I sit down and write out when I get paid vs what bills are due and which need to be paid out of said pay day.  With life throwing me a curve ball I have really screwed this up and got behind.  Now I am struggling to get caught back up and get things paid in their place.  It does not help that I just recently moved and have to readjust due dates for things like electric and water. 

I used to use an excel worksheet on the computer and it worked great for years.  Now I find it harder to get on my computer unless it is to do work, school, or log a kid on.  So I am trying to get back to the old paper and pen method and calendars.

What do you use to do your budget?

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