Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Being a single parent

My reasons why!

Before my life got really crazy busy I was helping write blog posts for So You Call Your Self A Homeschooler? Sadly life caught up with me and I had to bow out and concentrate on other things in my life.  Today I was thinking about it and I really liked one of the posts I made on there and felt the need to share it.

There are so many "types" of homeschoolers out there and I know the first thought that crosses most peoples minds is "Can I really do this?"  The answer is yes!  If you have the calling to teach your children at home God will provide a way.  For the majority of the year I only have about $1200 in income.  There are a lot of scarifies to be made but I am happy to do without so my children are learning what I want them to learn.

Check out my post on Is It Possible to be a Single Parent and Homeschool?!

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