Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Turkey Day

Gobble Gobble!

So what are you going to be indulging in for Thanksgiving dinner?

I am so so very pregnant and while everything sounds so good, I am to the point a few bites fills me up. I think this year I will just keep a plate with me all day to graze on, haha.

I plan on making ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls, sweet potatoes, stuffing, and undecided veggie. Then some sort of dessert too of course. 

Do you generally travel for Thanksgiving or stay home? Do you host or go some place else?

I will be home again this year. Every year used to be about going to my parents for a huge dinner. My mom would cook everything. One year I even told her I would make mashed potatoes and when I got there she made some too. She said she was worried I wouldn't make enough. Though since my brother passed away the holiday cheer did too. It hurt for a long time because my brother loved holidays and he always said it was all about being with your family. Though when you have a loss like that I guess you can't ever get all that cheer back. Now I live 3 hours away and don't really know anyone around so it will be just us. I'm worried about being able to stay on my feet the whole day cooking so I hope my kids can help out without complaining to much. 

Do you have any special traditions?

I can't say that I have any besides eating until I feel like I could burst :) . 

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