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Media Talk 101 Review

Captivated Movie Review

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Captivated Movie Review

This is an award winning film created by Phillip Telfer.  This is a heavily Christian based DVD with commentary by pastors, doctors and professors.  There are also real life stories told by individuals.  This DVD touches on the impact of media in many forms; computers, TV, video games, and etc. The DVD is 107 minutes long and is wide screen.  It is not meant to be an anti media movie but more to bring awareness to the subject.

We now live in a world that is full of media.  When I grew up we had one TV and that TV was in the front room.  The only time that we ever were allowed to turn it on was for Saturday morning cartoons for a couple hours at the most.  It wasn't until I was a teenager that my parents finally broke the strict hold on anti media.  When I was in 6th grade we got a computer because even the schools were requiring so much work to be typed or research to be done on them.  Then in highschool cell phones become the rage and my dad got one.  It was given to me anytime I went out with friends.  Now we have cell phones, computers, tablets, smart TV's and so much more.  This has also prompted the growth of social media to the point that people are getting addicted to it and thrive on checking their social media pages every second of the day.

This DVD was all about the impact that media has on us now days.  It also dives in on how it impacts our children.  One section was talking about the thousands of texts a day an average person has (3,339).  I can say for awhile I was addicted to texting and had 13,000 on my bill once.  That just set a fire in my mind that I could waste so much time with that phone in my hand and let it consume me.

Another part of the video was how the average time in front of a TV is 4 hours.  Break that down a bit and think about it.  You have 24 hours a day and sleep 8 of those hours that leaves you with 16 hours.  Then you go to work for the next 8 hours and that leaves you 8 hours left.  Now just those two basic things for the average person that means after TV time you only have 4 hours for your meals, showers, commuting time, and your KIDS!

I watched this movie alone for the first time. I wanted to be sure I could concentrate on it and really see what it was about.  I was stunned at all of the statistics that were given.  I think statistics is what really opens peoples eyes some times.  I think once we are consumed we don't notice it around us.  I know even blogging can get consuming and always worried about what to blog next and always working on it.  Sometimes you just have to take a minute and reflect on how much time you really do spend on these things.

Overall I thought this was a great eye opening DVD.  There was so much information and facts that I had to watch it twice and seen that I missed some of them the first go around.  The only thing that I think could have made it better would be to make it a little less "for Christians" and more for everyone.  There is no need to hide faith in it at all but publicize it for all to watch.  Christians are not the only ones being consumed with media, it is everywhere and in every home.
Captivated Movie Review

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