Tuesday, November 11, 2014

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Kansas City

Age: Fun for all ages

First thing I would like to note is that upon arrival there is a parking garage that you park in.  I was not aware of this so I passed the place and and to turn around and go back.  I am not a city girl so maybe most people are aware of this type of thing, oops. Anyways I did not notice how much parking was but on weekends parking is FREE so I did not need to worry about it.

Once we arrived we went to the front desk, which is a split desk paired with Sea Life Aquarium. If you booked your tickets online you need your ID in order for them to pull up your reservation. If not you will be given your option for tickets. They make this easy to choose by having big screens behind the desks that gives the pricing options to choose from.

Once you enter you may stay as long as you like.  I think this is what makes you feel better about the cost.  There is so much to do as well that if you didn't take your time and see everything you would really miss out on some cool things. 

When you first enter you give your tickets and you take two pictures.  This pictures are used to add themed backgrounds to that you can purchase inside the area.  This does mean that it takes awhile to get through the line if they are busy though.  We did have to wait for several minutes.  They do offer a bowl of Lego's in the line so you can let your kids start playing if they get restless.  After that you get to go in and are greeted again by another person.  This person gives you a "mini" simulated tour of how the process of making a Lego goes.  These are interactive things so kids are getting to use their hands so it is not boring.  At the end there is a scale to weigh yourself...only it is to see how many Lego's you weight! 


Next you enter into the actual play area.  You have a choice to go on a fun little ride.  It seats 5 and you each have a gun to shoot the targets and screens in order to save the princess.  You also gain points which are shown in front of your seat.  This is fun and you get your picture taken inside there was well.  Once you are out you can purchase your picture and your results will be available as well.

As you go on in there are several places to play. There is also one more ride.  It seats two and you pedal like a bike to make yourself go higher as you spin around. This is also adult friendly!

There are several life size statues made all of Legos through out the place.  These were really neat and very real looking. There was also a play ground area that the kids could go into with a gaurd person at the gate.  This was a nice little break for the parents to sit around the sides and rest a bit knowing their kids were safe inside to play and burn some energy.

We also got the chance to take of of the Lego building classes.  This was really fun.  There was a great instructor that showed us how to build a plane.  Each child got their own kit to play with.  We did have to give it back but we were given a discount to buy the kit for $5 in the gift shop for taking the class.

There was lots of Star Wars things.  My kids have never watched the Lego Movie or Star Wars but they still thought it was all very neat how they made it all.

The building it is in is also in with other things.  We took off and explored and found and elevator that was open view to the outside.  We went to the top floor and took a picture of the city!

We all loved this place and had a blast playing.  Beware there is only one bathroom though so use it first so everyone is ready to explore.  There is also a cafe inside to refresh yourself or get a snack. There are so many things and so many places to just get free play with as well.  The kids enjoyed the part that they could build their own race car and test drive it till it would run well.  So like I mentioned at the first this was great for all.  I even enjoyed the challenge of making a race car that would bet the kids....I failed though.  So if you are in Kansas City be sure to stop by.  Also below is a great coupon to save some big bucks on your visit!  It is well worth it!

Disclaimer- I received 4 free tickets for my honest review of LEGOLAND.

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