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Spelling You See Review

Spelling You See Review

Product: Ancient Achievements Level F

Price: Student Pack- $30

Instructors Handbook- $14

Spelling You See ReviewAboutSpelling You See is a program designed by Dr. Karen Holinga. Dr. Holinga is a reading specialist and has helped many kids. The Ancient Achievements set comes with two student workbooks and a package of erasable colored pencils. You can also get the instructors handbook to go with the set.

Ancient Achievements is set up in 36 lessons. Those lessons are then divided in sections A-E. So this allows for you to do a lesson a week and one section in a day. Really helps take the planing out of it so you can just get to work. The lesson starts out with a passage that is read. Once the child reads this passage they use one of the colored pencils and have them find the letter patters in the days passage. Then there was copy work of the passage through the other days. On Thursday and Friday you read the passage to your child and they write it as you read it to them. Then you see what they got right. Each day you strive to get a higher number.
The instructors handbook is handy as well. It gives tips on each lesson as well as the instructions on how to do the lesson. It also holds the answer key.

Spelling You See ReviewHow we used: I used this with my 10 year old. We stuck to doing one section each day and a new lesson each week. I would read the passage to her to start the lesson then allow her to read it and then go over it and start finding the letter patterns. After she does this she then goes on to copy the passage. On the last two days I read the lesson out loud to her while she writes what I am saying. You then count the ones she got right and strive for more the next day. I like this method of positive grading. Sometimes she got pretty competitive with herself and would want to write the passage on her own paper to see if she could get it completely right. The passages are also history stories which prompted us to dig further on some of them because they were interesting. The lesson itself took under 30 minutes to do each day. The lessons also include a spotlight for each one. These go over the words they learned in the passage for the week or some interesting facts to go along with it. Those were always fun to get to.

Spelling You See ReviewThoughts: My 10 year old is pretty good at language but we always love trying out new ways to learn. She really liked the way this program was set up. Also being able to use colored pencils made it seem more fun too I think. This also made me realize that this program would be great for my daughter that is dyslexic because having colors over words and letters allows her to focus on them better. This is something we have never seen in any other program before. I also love how it is done to become a pattern for them and not just trying to do spelling lists that make kids confused. This allows them to be a creator and be able to write a story. 

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Spelling You See Review

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