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Circle C Adventures Review

Tales of the Circle C Ranch Bookk Review

Tales of the Circle C Ranch Bookk Review

Price: $7.99 Book
$7.00 e-book lapbook

Age: 9-14

AboutCircle C Adventures allowed me to review their book Tales from the Circle C Ranch. This is written by Susan K Marlow. You can download and read the first story to get a view of the book. The book is written in two parts, part one being the early years, and part two, being the in-between years. This book is the one that fills in all those questions from the other books. Fan inspired questions were answered to fill you in a bit more. Set in the 1800's there is things from ranch life, US history, California history, to state fairs. At 150 pages your child will have an exciting adventure reading it.

How we used: My 10 year old read this book to herself during her reading time. She tried to get through a story/chapter each day. She was very interested in it because she is always curious about different time periods and how kids lived then. This book gives so much information for her that she couldn't wait to read more to see what else was hidden inside. I must say though, even if the books main character is a girl this book would be fit for any gender to read. We did receive the lapbook as well and we looked over it. My 10 year old doesn't really like to do lapbooks but it is something that I will be using with my 9 year old after she reads it. She enjoys the hands on learning, my 10 year old just prefers to go to the next book and keep reading. The lapbook covers things from and 1800's general store, photography, state fairs, limericks, king snakes, and much more.

This book is a companion book to the others but it was good and a fun read as a stand alone book as well. I think this would be good for any middle school child to read, especially if your child likes learning how others lived in the old days. This would be a great read also for any child that needs a good book to read for whatever reason. The lapbook would make a great addition to a unit study of the 1800's as well. 

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  1. I'm so glad you and your DD enjoyed the Tales book. Thanks for the lovely review! :-)