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Home School In The Woods Review

Home School in the Woods Review

Price: $33.95 for download
$34.95 for CD

Age: Grades 3-8

Home School in the Woods Review
AboutHome School in the Woods gave me Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Egypt, in the downloadable form, to review. This is geared for 3rd to 8th grade children, I used this with my 4th grade daughter. This lesson plan is to take about an 8-12 weeks to complete. The lessons are separated by "stops". With these "stops" you read the text (which we did from the PDF so we didn't have to print so many pages) then you go onto the travel itinerary that corresponds with that go with that stop. There are 25 stops for the study unit. The travel itinerary includes things such as; lapbook projects, creative writing, recipes, file folder games, notebook projects, timelines, and much more.  Also included in the download was a teacher key and the mater copies of the things that need to be printed off to use with the projects and mp3 files. Through the journey of Ancient Egypt you will meet people and learn about who they are. You will learn about the every day life, education, religion, and many other things about the way that they lived as well.

Thoughts: Over all this was a fun topic to explore with my daughter. There were things that were over her head but that is to be expected since this is for children up to 8th grade. That means that this can actually grow with the child and you can review in later years with those tougher things. It also helps if you are teaching mulitple grade levels so no one gets bored. 

When I downloaded the files it was a bit confusing on putting it all together. There is A LOT of information and parts to this lesson. It is not in a book format which is what I am used to. Instead you get a zip file that you open and there are folders, like your text and itinerary and etc. Then they are sectioned off by each stop. Once I got the hang of how it was set up I could just go to the stop we were on in each section and work from there. 

We would read our text and then go over to the itinerary that went with it. Depending on how detailed it was would depend on how long it would take my daughter to complete it. We did work on it daily, but some stops took us longer to complete than others. My daughter likes to make everything perfect so the lapbooks to much longer. I think she enjoyed learning about their clothing and the recipes the most. We were able to try to cook some of them, I can't say that we did a very good job or at least our taste buds were not used to the flavors.  

I think any child that has an interest in history of other areas would really enjoy this. There are so many fun facts and projects to keep children of those age ranges engaged and interested in what is being taught. We personally love that it is clearly focused on hands on learning. The text for the day is short and not boring to read over. Then you are still learning facts and things that went along with the text on your daily project work.

We cannot wait to finish the lapbook out. It will be a great way to review all that we learned. They are also great to have around the classroom for research when we move forward.

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