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USAopoly Review

 USAopoly Review

Vendor: USAopoly


Age: 8+

Price: $19.95 each

USAopoly Review

About: Wonky: The Crazy Cubes Card Game is a card game using cards to give your moved to stacking wobbly and uneven blocks. This game is for 2 or more players. The object of the game is build the tower with out it falling over. The first person to use all of their cards with out the tower falling over wins. This isn't easy when your friends give you a small cube on the bottom. 

Tapple: Fast Word Fun for Everyone is a word game geared towards speed. There are cards that give you topics that you pick from. The game is for 2 or more players. You start by picking your topic and then you start the timer. You then have to say a word about your topic that starts with a letter on the wheel. You push the letter down then tap the red circle in the center before time runs out. Last one to answer without the buzzer going off wins.

How we used: We played this game as a family. From 7 years old up to the adults. Wonky is so much fun. You can try to work together in order to keep the game going longer. Or you can be sneaky and give small cubes at the end so the next player has a hard time stacking them and knocks them over. It was so much fun to see how tricky everyone else was going to be. The cubes are curved and some parts are flat, you never know which side someone is going to leave you with.

Tapple: Fast Word Fun for Everyone is a game that can make or break you. It is fun and makes you want to scream at the same time. All in good fun of course. This game not only helps with beginning letters but also speed reactions on coming up with answers. This helps you gain the skills to work under pressure for other speed drills, like in math. The game is rated for 2-8 players. We also played this one as a family. It was fun even for my 7 year old that is still trying to learn beginning letters and not very quick. We usually gave him the chance to go through 2 buzzers instead of 1 like the rest of us. You can also make your own topics if you find them to hard for your kids at different levels. The possibilities are endless with this game.

The box that Wonky came in was even a funky shape. It was a nice sturdy box though and the blocks have a nice cloth bag to go in to keep them all together. I was very impressed in the storage for this game. Around here storage is key so things do not get lost. Tapple has a little slot under the game to store the cards in so they can be kept together. My only complaint with the packing is it isn't really easy to get it back into the box. The plastic part that goes over it has to go just right or it won't fit. Which means the kids do not take the time to put it back in the box. I think a solid box would be more practical to store it back in, like the Wonky box. I fear the letters around the game might be broke off if we don't put it in a box while it is being stored. Plus it isn't a great shape to store without one anyways. However packaging is my only complaint with the game. It is worth it to have it even if you have to get your own box. I really like that both games are family friendly and we play them every night just about. It is something to get the kids into and they do not even realize they are learning at the same time.

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 USAopoly Review

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