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SimplyFun Review

SimplyFun Review

Vendor: SimplyFun
Product: Climbing Knights
Age: 8 and up
Price: $40.00

SimplyFun Review
I’m reviewing The Climbing Knights, one of four of SimplyFun new releases.

SimplyFun provided me with the super fun game called Climbing Knights. This game is intended for 8 years old and up, however my 7 year old was able to catch on too and play. It is also for use with 2 to 4 players. The object of the game is to get your night to climb the top of your tower first. However, you have to miss the guards that are lurking around you. There is some thinking involved in this to get your strategy to pass them by. This is where it was a bit more tricky for my 7 year old vs my 9 and 11 year old that were playing. It took him a bit to catch onto the skill of knowing what was going to happen and that he needed to have a plan of action. Once he played several times during the first day it finally clicked with him on what to do. My older girls really loved it. They begged daily to play and I could hear them cheering along when one would pass a guard. It seemed more fun to do that than actually "win" the game in the end.

The way you play the game is as follows. You have three dice you shake all of them. Grey dice moves the grey gaurd, the black dice moves the black gaurd and the white dice moves your player. If your dice land on z then your guards go to sleep and your player can move spaces.  Don't let the guard see you! When you get to the top of the castle you get a flag. Once you get two flags the game is over and that person wins.  This is the gist of how to play the game.

My kids all played this. I went over the rules with them and helped them a couple times through the game and then they were able to catch on and do this on their own. They really liked the fun of the game and we're able to find ways to beat each other. It's a fun game because some of it is chance and some is strategy so they were less fussy if they lost than with other games. The castle it's self folds up real nicely for storage. It is thick cardboard as well so less destructable. Overall it was great for my house of many little hands. It was a good game to break away from the school work while still giving our minds a work out.
I think this game would work well for all homes with kids no matter if they homeschool or not. It is fun time and good to get some mind work in.

Here is a couple added review quotes from my kids.

"I liked the game because it was really fun to put it up with the players. I liked that it was an actual 3D castle instead of like some games being just a flat board. I also liked the guards going to sleep because it gave more choices to move." Kailea (who is 11 years old.)

"I liked it because it is something to do when you get board. It is very fun." Kiya (who is 9 years old)

"I liked the game because you can stick the people on other metal because they are magnets. (Insert laughing.) Also I like it because it is big." Micah (who is 7)

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SimplyFun Review

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