Friday, February 9, 2018

America’s Incredible Pizza

Where: Incredible Pizza
            2850 S Campbell Ave
            Springfield, MO

This place is seriously super fun. We went in and first thing we did was go straight to the buffet and enjoyed all of our favorite pizzas. There was many to choose from and all were fresh and kept stocked. The workers were are super friendly making sure we seen what we wanted as well. Buffet is really great with children because you never know what they want and this way they pick what they want and can get full. 

Next we entered over to the "Fair Grounds" where all of the games and  were. This place had  go karts!!! I did not know how that would work inside a building but wow, this big kid enjoyed it as much as my little kids did. They also have laser tag, mini golf, and bumper cars. This place is seriously awesome for all ages. There are over 100 arcade/carnival style games. There was no way we would have been able to try them all out during our time there. BUT do not let that bum you out because it means you can come back to this place and it will be just as fun as your first time. You will always have something new to experience when you go.

Parking is also free and plentiful. It is super easy to find and right off the main road. This is great for out of town people that may not know the area very well. It is easy in and out. Be sure to check them out next time you are in Springfield and try the buffet!

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